Five Home Security Tips

If you’re in the process of making improvements to your home, you should think about practical improvements as well as aesthetic ones. All of us want to feel safe in our homes, and you can feel safer by upgrading your security. If you want your home to feel more secure, here are some tips to help you to keep your home safe. 

Secure Your Doors

We all worry about burglars gaining entry to our homes by forcing windows, but actually, the majority of burglars actually get in through an unlocked door. Alway lock your doors when you leave the house, even if you’re only popping out to the car. It can be wise to lock the doors when you’re at home too, especially if you have a large house where you might not hear a door open if you were elsewhere in the house. 

Fit a deadbolt, and use it. For sliding glass doors, you should fit a glass break sensor to alert you if someone comes in that way. Smart locks can be useful too if you’re of the forgetful nature, as these can be set to automatically lock behind you when you come in. A company like VicLocks Security can advise on helpful options like this to keep your doors secure, or you could opt in for a home security shutter creating the ultimate in-home protection. 

Secure Your Windows

While you’re locking the doors, don’t forget the windows. If you’re out, or elsewhere in the house, close and lock the windows. If the weather is hot and you want the windows open, use a window stop that will allow you to open the window enough to let in the fresh air but without leaving a gap big enough for someone to climb through. 

Like your glass doors, you could also fit an alarm that will sound if the glass is broken. Security film is also a wise measure to stop the windows being broken. 

Get a Dog

Most break-ins happen during the day while you’re out at work. A great deterrent is having a dog in the house. Any size dog will make a noise that could put off a would-be burglar. To help this, put a ‘Beware Of The Dog’ sign somewhere prominent on the front of your home, even if your dog is friendly, to make it clear that a dog is living there. Leave some dog toys in the garden or somewhere visible from the windows, so burglars will wonder if the dog is there even if you have taken it out with you. 

Keep Lights On

If you’re going to be gone when it will be dark outside, leave a light on to make it appear that someone is home. Fit motion sensitive lights on entrances to the house. Not only will this put off anyone approaching, but it will be also helpful for you if you come home in the dark and need to see to get your key in the door. 

If you’re away for a few days, consider smart lighting. Smart lights can be programmed to turn on and off at random times. One light being left on the whole time you’re away is not always practical and anyone watching the house will soon realise nobody is actually home. Instead, random lights throughout the house make it appear people are at home and going about their lives. It also means you aren’t pushing up the electricity bill by leaving the lights on for days. 

On a similar theme, some Smart home assistants can be used to play noises that make it sound like someone is in, like recordings of  a vacuum running, a baby crying or a dog barking. 

Secure Your Garage

Your garage can also be used as a point of entry to your home. If there is a door inside your house to the garage, keep the door locked so nobody can get in that way. Keep your garage door closed when you aren’t going in or out, so any prospective thieves can’t see in and get an idea of a possible entry point to the home or of any valuables that you keep in the garage. If there are any windows into the garage, keep them covered for the same reason. 

If you have a door opener for the garage, don’t leave it in the car. When you get out of the car, take the opener with you and store it somewhere safe inside the house. This way, if anyone ever steals your car, they won’t also be able to get access to your home. 

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