Five of London’s Best Parks and Nature Attractions

London is a busy city, a hectic city, a vibrant city. It is a city full of life and rich culture, and in the midst of this busy, metropolitan capital, if you catch the underground tube, train, bus, taxi or cycle in the right direction, you will find countless green spaces where you can find peace and serene solitude. If you are thinking of buying a flight to London, be sure to catch a few moments in one of the below parks or nature attractions in the heart of London.

Chiswick House and Gardens

Chiswick House is one of the earliest and most beautiful Georgian buildings in the Uk, and its gardens cover over sixty acres of land. Located in the quieter borough of Hounslow in West London, the House and Gardens are a delightful place to visit if you want a break from the  tourist-populated centre of London. Chiswick Gardens are filled with ponds, fountains, statues and an eighteenth century woodland wilderness. William Kent and Burlingotin designed a landscape ao revolutionary, that their designs went on to influence gardens from Blenheim Palace to New York’s Central Park. The garden has four corners in the north, south, east and west, and each one is worth a visit.

There is no charge for visiting the Gardens and the Conservatory. There is a fee, however, to tour the House, and interested parties should check the official website.

Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park is located in north-west London and is interestingly split between two boroughs namely, City of Westminster and Camden. At a stunning three-hundred-and-ninety-five acres, the park is an enormously large green and open space; its pathways are lined with trees and there are formal gardens, four children’s playgrounds, sports facilities and it also contains London’s largest outdoor sports area. It also has a boating lake, a canal (Regent’s Canal) and an open-air theatre.

The park is open daily from 5:00am, however, its closing times vary with each month of the year, so please check the official website for further details.

London Zoo

Once you’ve had a leisurely stroll along the bank of Regent’s Canal, if you have a few hours to spare, why not check out London Zoo, also located in Regent’s Park. This zoo is the world’s oldest scientific zoo and was first opened to the public in 1828. London Zoo is home to the largest collections of animal species in the United Kingdom, and because of its location, it is sometimes called Regent’s Zoo. The zoo is managed by the Zoological Society of London, an international conservation charity who aim is to build a world where wildlife thrives. The society has won several awards for its contributions to zoology, and its pristine care of its animals will be evident when you visit the zoo for yourself. Penguin Beach, Land of the Lions, Tiger Territory, Gorilla Kingdom, Reptile House and Rainforest are just a few of the many arenas that the zoo has on display for its visitors.

London Zoo is open from 10:00am every day of the year (except Christmas Day) with seasonal closing times, so please check the official website in advance for these times.

St James’s Park

Surrounded by the famous landmarks of Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Whitehall, St James’s Park is seated at the very heart of ceremonial London. It is home to vibrantly coloured flower beds, a grand lake and fountain, and a family of pelicans who, for generations, have lived in St James’s Park for nearly four hundred years; the pelicans were originally presented to King Charless II as a gift from the Russian Ambassador in 1664. The park covers an area of over fifty-five acres and is the oldest Royal Park in London. It is surrounded by three palaces and as such, serves as a great starting point for a day’s tour of ceremonial London.

St James’s Park is open from 5am to midnight all year round and admission is free.

SEA LIFE London Aquarium

The South Bank in central London is a hub of entertainment and commercial activity, and SEA LIFE London Aquarium is a wonderful wildlife attraction located in this district. The aquarium opened to the public in 1997 and allows its visitors to experience the ocean’s hidden treasures. The aquarium’s management has developed an excellent system of care for the animal species housed there, and its expert team of marine biologists and scientists ensure that the resident species are protected. Shark Walk, Ray Lagoon and Atlantic Coasts are just a few of the various acqua zones you can visit while at the aquarium.

Ticket prices depend on the ticket type, so please check the official website in advance for these prices and the relevant opening and closing times. 

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