Five Tips for Getting Better Sleep During Pregnancy

They say that being pregnant is the most special time in a woman’s life, as she carries around a sweet little one that will soon be introduced to the world. Pregnancy women are known for having that glow about them and tons of excitement for what the future holds. And while all of this can certainly be true, there is also the reality where pregnancy is concerned – and that is the fact that it isn’t exactly a cakewalk for every woman out there!

For many, pregnancy can be a very difficult time both emotionally and physically. They can be dealing with all kinds of issues such as morning sickness, difficulty moving around with ease, a lack of energy, and getting enough good quality sleep. As the pregnancy progresses, sleep is something that tends to worsen, with it getting harder and harder for women to even fall asleep period. If this sounds familiar and sleep is something that you’ve said goodbye to months ago, it’s time to re-think your approach. We’ve got five tips for you that can help you get better sleep even during the final trimester of your pregnancy.

Watch Your Fluid Intake in the Evening

We all know it’s important to stay hydrated, and when pregnant you need to be even more on top of drinking enough water. However, with that said, you want to also be conscious of when you are drinking that water. Try to cut back on the fluids about an hour or two before bed. This can help you to sleep better since you won’t be awakened as often to use the washroom.

Cut Out the Bedtime Snacks

Food can also be an issue for pregnant women as some items trigger heartburn which will keep you up at night. A good way to get around this issue is to cut out the bedtime snacks.

Set a Bedtime Routine for Yourself

Another tip is to create a bedtime routine for yourself that you stick to each and every night. That routine can include reading a little bit in bed before you fall asleep, having a warm shower before bed, switching out your sheets to lightweight cotton or bamboo, and making sure you aren’t heading off to bed too late in the evening.

Create a Dark Cocoon-Like Environment

It can also be helpful to create a dark cocoon-like environment in your bedroom that will allow you to sleep even if it isn’t dark outside. A sleeping eye mask can prove to be the most valuable item you purchase during pregnancy as you can pop it on any time of the day or night and block everything out.

Use Pillows Strategically

Pillows can prove to be another useful tool during pregnancy, especially as you get closer to your due date. They can help to give you support and keep you in a comfortable and safe position. A great way to use them is to put a pillow under your belly and then one under your knee and roll to your side. You can then stack a few against your back to prevent you from rolling back over.

There are actually a number of pillows on the market meant for pregnancy such as wedge shaped pillows which are ideal for wedging under your belly, and long pregnancy body pillows that you can move around to your desired position.

Sleep is Possible

While it may not seem so as you lie awake in the middle of the night wishing for sleep, with just a few tweaks and changes sleep is possible even late into your third trimester of pregnancy.

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  • Hello Rebecca,

    It is essential to get a good nights sleep to ensure that everything is best for mom and baby.

    I remember that my wife also adheres to the recommendation that you are recommending. When you are pregnant it is very difficult to get a good night sleep but with all your points taken into consideration then it would be a great help to get the essential sleep.

    thank you so much for sharing

    i will share your post

  • Nice information shared about the effect of sleep in pregnancy phase. I am also a patient sleep disorder due to the obstructive airway. After pregnancy, my home physician advised me to use CPAP mask for side sleepers and after using this I am able to complete my sleep for 8-9 hrs which is very much important for a pregnant lady. Previously I was worried for my baby due to my sleep disorder problem but now I am happy and satisfied after using this mask.