Five Ways People Are Improving Their Mental Wellbeing In 2023

Mental health has become a much more talked about topic in recent years than ever before. Hopefully, we’ll see a lot more progress being made where everyone feels a lot more comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings, as well as not judging others for being vulnerable.

There are plenty of ways in which you can help improve your mental health going forward, whether it’s something you’re proactively doing or wish to do more of in 2023. Here are five ways that people are improving their mental wellbeing this year.

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Breaking down the stigma with therapy

Therapy is something that can be so helpful for everyone to have and if it were freely available, then a lot more people would likely take it up. However, when it comes to your mental health, any investment is worth paying for and therapy is a great way to help address those feelings and thoughts that might become more of a problem.

Breaking down that stigma of therapy is also important because many still see it as something that they either don’t need or as a sign that there’s something wrong with the individual getting it.

Taking digital detoxes

If you do anything this year, take a digital detox. We live in a world that’s very digital and technology-heavy, meaning we’re surrounded by all sorts of messaging and marketing at all times. Whether that’s when checking your emails, browsing through your social media feeds etc.

With that being said if you’re able to, try to take a digital detox every so often. It’s a great way to relax and take your mind off the digital dominance that takes over our lives on a daily basis.


If you’ve never tried CBD, then you need to. CBDistillery offers a range of useful products that can help with relaxing, de-stressing and in some cases can help to reduce pain. It’s something that you definitely want to consider if you’re someone that struggles with any of the above-mentioned.

Not only that but CBD is known to be used proactively for reducing symptoms of stress and typical struggles that many find when it comes to their mental well-being.

Prioritizing their needs over others

While it might be said that you need to often prioritize your needs over others, that’s advice that can be counterproductive. When it comes to your own needs, it’s important to meet those first, otherwise, how can you expect to give everyone else 100% at all times? 

It’s not going to be possible if you’re not making sure you’re ok first. Remember, put your oxygen mask on before helping anyone else. That includes your children!

Taking exercise seriously

Where you can make sure you’re exercising regularly. Exercise is an important player in your mental wellbeing and it’s something that can really improve your wellbeing in general. Don’t neglect your workouts, whatever they may look like.

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  • Your blog post on five ways people are improving their mental wellbeing in 2023 is both informative and inspiring. It’s essential to prioritize mental health, and your suggestions are practical and valuable. Each of these strategies can make a significant difference in one’s overall well-being. Thanks for sharing this important information! 🧘‍♀️💆‍♂️🌞