Flashback Friday | Our Honeymoon

It will be 6 years ago in January, that we went to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, for our honeymoon. Just before we got married I was living down in Surrey as I’d started a new job there and Mike was studying in Guildford. The wedding was going to be back in North Yorkshire so there was a lot of weekend trips and travelling here, there and everywhere!

After the busy times leading up to the wedding and then the wedding day itself, whilst fabulous and lovely, its very long and tiring, it was so nice to know we would be heading out, the very next day, for a two week stay in the Caribbean. It was also pretty nice to be getting away to somewhere hot when it was otherwise a cold and wet January in the UK.

The flight was around 8 hours which was totally fine by us – meant lots of time to sleep and watch films. We both enjoy flying quite a lot (for me in particular, the plane food – I love all the little trays and boxes it all comes in – sad)? The 5* all inclusive resort was amazing and I would love to go back there again with the kids. As it would be the kind of thing we’d have to save up for to go, the kids would be a bit older so would hopefully appreciate it more! There were lots of different kinds of restaurants, including Chinese, bbq grill, buffets and French. No wonder we both put on nearly half a stone on that holiday – ha! There were several pools to use and swim-up pool bars, all set close to gorgeous beaches. Literally paradise.

honey4 honey honey1honey8

We did a few little excursions too (two weeks of pure pool and beach would be a bit much for me). We took a boat trip to ‘Paradise Island’ where we went snorkelling and you could see Haiti from it. A really small island, with super white sand beaches. This place was amazing and the guide would swim really far down and bring up cool shells or anemones.

There was another boat trip we took out to the banana plantation areas. We also went to a ‘Sea World’ type of place (Ocean World) and we swam with sting rays and sharks and were part of the shark show. Literally, one of the scariest things I’ve ever done! Ticked off on the bucket list though. We also went quad biking out in the sugar plantation areas and along the beach. I remember just laughing my head off nearly the whole time – it was so much fun!

honey2 honey3 honey5honey9honey6honey7

I would recommend this type of holiday to anyone. I will remember this holiday forever. So nice to chill in such a beautiful surrounding, with my hunky hubs, and not have to think about cooking or cleaning, for two weeks anyway!

Rebecca x

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