Planning Your Flooring For Home Renovations

Fight the January blues by planning something exciting to kick the new decade off with a bang! For many the focus is ‘new year new home’, with plenty of couples setting goals such as saving for their first home and others planning out which household jobs or renovations they’d like to undertake.

We are naturally inclined to want after something new and exciting once Christmas is over, which is why the new year is the busiest time for redecorating. Whether fashions have changed and you want to keep up, or you’re bored with the floorboards underneath you, there’s always something to improve upon around the house.

If your house needs a revamp, new flooring can really go along way. But how do you choose which room needs solid oak and what room would suit a cosy carpet? Here are some tips that will help you plan your flooring:

1. Entrance hall: The hallway will see daily hustle and bustle, muddy boots and dirty trainers, particularly if you have a home that is bursting with life. If this is the case, you’ll need to ensure you choose a durable and hard-wearing flooring type but fear not, this does not mean you need to compromise on style! Put down easy-to-clean flooring that will also catch dirt such as porcelain or ceramic tiles which are durable and low-maintenance. White grout can become discolored if it’s not properly cleaned — but luckily, dark grout is on trend right now.

2. Living room: Lounge around on the sofa or sit in front of the fire – a warm and comfy carpet will work well and look great in your living area.

3. Kitchen: Yes, you can install solid hardwood flooring in kitchens. Hardwood gives this space an instant classic, traditional look and straddles the different styles and colors your kitchen may experience over the years but. However, if practicality is your priority, look toward plank vinyl or ceramic tile.

4. Bedroom: People put a lot of stock into having hardwood flooring throughout the house, but the truth is, it’s not the comfiest on bare feet in the morning. If you’re redoing your room, Forte says you should go for a premium plush, super-soft carpet.

5. Dining room: Hardwood wins here, too, and wear and tear can actually add character over time. If you’re worried about chairs scratching the wood, consider a dense area rug for under the table. They’re durable and easy to clean if things get messy.

6. Playroom: Getting carpet in the playroom will allow your little ones to enjoy a soft place to sit or kneel when playing. If you ever watch how kids play, you’ll notice they have a habit of constantly laying on the ground or falling. The floor in many childrens playrooms tends to be covered in carpet which helps with a soft landing and comfortable playing. If you do decide to put carpeting in the room, make sure to not buy an expensive kind so that you can eventually replace it when they get older.

7. Bathroom: This is a room that constantly gets wet and needs to be cleaned regularly. Add a little luxury and consider a heated tile for your bathroom.

However, don’t forget you might also need to replace your current skirting boards when getting new flooring so take this into consideration when choosing what flooring option you go for. For example, MDF skirting boards go very nicely with carpet and are very durable, perfect for high traffic areas. You can find a wide selection of MDF skirting boards at Skirting World.

Find your January groove with some home improvement. There’s just nothing more satisfying than a successful project and a dramatic before and after. Whether you’re going for new flooring, windows or a fresh lick of paint, there isn’t anything better than wowing guests with your creative style or simply cozying up on the sofa admiring your own handy work.

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