Flying with Kids: The Tips and Tricks to Keeping Them Happy

No matter how old you are, travelling and flying can be an incredibly stressful experience. Whilst as an adult you may be able to control your emotions, the chances are your children will not. Here are some essential tips and tricks to keeping your kids happy whilst on board the plane and ensuring your travel day goes as smoothly as possible.

Airline Charges and Regulations

If you are not a frequent traveller, it is important that you understand the regulations and charges that your airline may have. If you are flying with a baby, there are different rules set depending on which airline you choose. Airlines like Ryanair typically offer the cheapest infant fare as well as giving more free hold luggage allowance, so you can bring your baby equipment on board without any worries of extra costs. Make sure that you are aware of what your airlines policies are, so you can be well prepared for your journey.


They say it is better to be over prepared than under with flying and travelling being no exception. It is important that you sit down well ahead of your journey and make a structured plan that you can follow which should detail any of the common scenarios that could happen which could cause your child to be distressed throughout the flight. Taking the time to thoroughly plan will help you feel more confident when going on your journey and ensure that you feel in total control.

Letting Passengers Know

If your child is prone to screaming and shouting, it could be worth letting your passengers know once you get on board. Although you may feel embarrassed, passengers are more likely to be understanding if you let them know beforehand. Many of the passengers on your flight will have been in the same position as you so they may be able to sympathise and understand what you are going through. You may also receive some handy advice from others which could improve your child’s behaviour whilst on board.


No matter whether you are flying short or long haul, being stuck on an aircraft for any period can cause your child to become distressed and agitated. With this in mind, it is vital that you bring items that will help occupy your child. However, carrying too much equipment can be more trouble than it’s worth so make sure that you think of ways that will help stimulate your child’s mind such as by making up games that you can play as a family. There are many popular games that you can play such as I-Spy which can provide you all with the entertainment you need.


To get your travel day off to a good start, it is best that you book your parking well in advance. Websites like will provide you with a range of specialist services that can help reduce stress and ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible. Being able to park right by the terminal will mean your children do not have to walk very far and you can quickly get from A to B without any trouble. It is recommended to book Birmingham airport parking in advance to avoid any disappointment.


If your child is on grown-up food, it is best to pack as many snacks as you can. Until your in-flight meal is served, there will be large gaps that you can fill by providing snacks for your child. Try not to bring too many sweets with you as they can end up being more damaging than good for your child. Having snacks with you may also combat their behaviour. You could create games where they are rewarded with snacks which can help keep your child motivated and striving for an end goal. Also, bringing snacks like grapes will last much longer than a bag of crisps so bear this in mind so you can bring the right foods with you.

Relate to Your Child

Being able to relate to your child and understand what they are going through can help you take appropriate action to ensure your flying goes as smoothly as possible. If you are a nervous flyer, try your best to not let your child see. You are the one person that they will be looking to for support and reassurance so to avoid any tantrums or distress, make sure to listen to your child’s needs and be on hand to give them a cuddle or advice so they can relax and behave well throughout the flight.

Simply taking these tips and tricks on board will massively change the way your flying experience goes. Remember, always take the time to plan well ahead so you can be in control and feel confident and ready for your flight.

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