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foodbankI was invited by ThinkMoney to take part in a Food Bank Hamper Challenge. Partial to spotting a bit of a bargain, and a big fan of shopping (obvs), I was definitely up for the challenge! What it involved was seeing how far I could get £30 to stretch when buying food / items for a food bank and then of course, drop off at a food bank.

I’m not loyal to any supermarket or shop really. I shop as and when and it will often depend on what I am looking for, if I have any vouchers to spend and what offers are on. A few weeks ago though a new Aldi opened up near to me (not super near but about 6 miles away), and I hadn’t been yet so I thought it would be a good place to start when looking for good deals and seeing how much I can get for the money. Food banks also only want non-perishable goods so I thought if I was just getting mostly jars and tins, it would be bargain central.

I checked on my local Food Bank’s website, Epsom & Ewell, to see what they were in  need of, which they update every week (a great idea), so wrote a list and off I went.

  • One of the main things I wanted to get was nappies and wipes as that was listed as a need. I haven’t personally used Aldi nappies with my children before but I have seen lots of positive reviews for them so got four packs of those – £14.19
  • Four packs of Baby Wipes – £2.36
  • I got six packs of Noodle / Pasta Meals – £1.98
  • Two packs of cereal – £1.70
  • Pasta Sauces & Tinned Vegetables – £3.67
  • They listed a need as toothpaste and toothbrushes. I couldn’t find any toothbrushes but got four packs of toothpaste – £3
  • Jam / Peanut Butter x 2 – £2.08
  • Two packs of Pasta – £1.30
    • TOTAL: £30.28

I was really pleased with all I could get for the food bank for £30! I think I’ll definitely be shopping at Aldi too as there are things that I regularly buy myself, like nappies and wipes, that are never normally that cheap.

Thank you to the ThinkMoney Group for inviting me to take part in the challenge! I was really pleased to be of service and help others, even in a small way.

Rebecca x

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  • What a great idea and concept! We have a food bank collection at my local telco and I try to regularly donate a couple of tins every month. Love how much you managed to get for £30! #snotallaboutyou

  • It’s lovely to think that you’ve helped a family in need. We have something similar in the BVI for victims of domestic violence and you’ve inspired me to go and check that out.

  • That’s such a wonderful thing to do! y=You got so much for 30 too! Thank you for hosting #snotallaboutyou x

  • Very cool! I heard Aldi is really good for nappies! Most of my friends buy them from there. We do our main shop at Aldi as we can get so much more for our money and stretch it out longer. Doing a food bank is great and charity never faileth!

    Angela from 😉