The Foods With Hidden Sugar In That You Need To Look Out For

Since being diagnosed with PCOS, I have been looking into what is best to combat the symptoms. If you follow me on social media or regularly on here, you will know that I am trying to ‘quit sugar’. I say trying, because it is really hard! There is sugar in everything.

I was recently on a film shoot for a client’s social media channels. Before they day they called to check on dietary requirements and other things for the day. They had seen from my blog that I was sugar-free so said they would be catering for that. But when it came to lunchtime, they had bought some sandwiches and wraps from Tesco. It was no offence to them, as they, naturally, presumed that there wasn’t sugar in something savoury. But wraps, some bread and pretty much all store bough dressings, have sugar in them. Being sugar-free doesn’t mean just not eating cake.

In my opinion, I don’t see why these kinds of foods need to be filled with sugar? They are savoury for ¬†one thing, so I would never expect them to be sweet. Since embarking on this ‘journey’ cringes, I have been so surprised at the foods that are filled with sugar. No doubt most of you are more streetwise than I. But if you’re not sure, here are a few of the foods that are LOADED with the white stuff. Savoury foods don’t need sugar in them!



I got so wound up the other day when I was in Tesco, and they were advertising Special K as healthy cereal on the aisle. It might be lower fat that other cereals, or perhaps lower calories. But it isn’t lower in sugar. So calling it healthy is a bit false if you ask me. Cereals with this, and even granola, are filled with sugar. The latter is even worse. You average bowl of granola has around 29g of sugar per 100g. So check your cereals before you buy. Brands like BEAR, Biona and Rude Health are brands that do not add any other sugar.

Snack Bars

Those grab and go bars that you think are healthy (they’re full of oats and raisins, they must be…) are hiding a lot of hidden sugars. They might have fibre and protein but will have things like corn syrup, brown sugar or other sweeteners like golden syrup. So the best thing with these, is to make your own. They are quick and easy to make. You just need to be organised which can be the tricky thing!


Anything That Says Low Fat

Quite often, when things are labelled as low fat, it means that it is just that. The catch is that it will be high sugar. We as a society have become scared of fats. As long as we are eating the right kind of fat, and in the right quantities, it will be better for you than sugar. Sugar affects blood sugar levels, which affects our energy levels, as well as how the sugar gets stored in our bodies. So if you want to be eating low suagr, avoid eating things that say they are low fat. That is a recurring thing when I look into foods for PCOS especially.

Sauces and Dressings

As I have said above, any store bought dressings are full of sugar. Pasta sauces etc are just the same. Look at a bottle of ketchup, for example. It has 22g of sugar in per 100g. As something that is meant to be savoury, I have no idea why it is so loaded with sugar? The best thing to do is to just make your sauces and dressing from scratch. They taste so good and are quick to make. Pasta, balsamic vinegar and chopped red onion and garlic fried up together, and you’ve got a tasty pasta sauce or dip. It doesn’t have to be complex to taste good.

Sorry for the rant post. I just feel that it is ludicrous that we have sugar in foods that are classed as savoury. Forget the sugary drinks tax; people expect sugar in those. It is all about cutting out the sugar in the foods that people are told are ‘healthy’!


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