Four Fun Family Days in the Countryside

The countryside is an excellent place for children to learn and play. It may be true that our children’s lives are becoming increasingly screen-based; however, it is essential that they are encouraged to interact with the natural world as much as possible. Interaction with nature can help boost our self-esteem, as well as our physical and mental wellbeing – and family days in the countryside are the perfect opportunity for you to do that together. From petting farm animals to adventures by the sea – there are hundreds of countryside adventures that are perfect for the whole family, as you’ll see below.

Farm Parks

Farm parks are an excellent way to engage children with the natural world. They will have the opportunity to learn more about animals and farms through direct contact rather than through picture books and rare animal sightings from the car window. From feeding sheep and goats to handling baby rabbits, there are many lessons to be learned from farm parks that can’t be studied at school. If you are looking to immerse your children in a fun and interactive day, one of the best options for your family fun day is to visit your local interactive farm with your kids. 

Friendly Pubs

Many pubs now focus primarily on food rather than the beverages on offer. This promotes a fun family experience for everyone. There are hundreds of country pubs to choose from, such as the elegant and historic The Flintgate Pub – only a stone’s throw from London and offering delicious meals that will put a smile on everyone’s face. Whether it is a sunny afternoon or a crisp winter’s lunch, a trip to a friendly pub is imperative for an unforgettable family out. Find the ideal pub for you and your family, book yourself in, and enjoy the cosiness and fun you can experience in one of England’s traditional public houses. 

Country Walks

The idea of a country walk may not be everyone’s idea of a fun day out. But it’s important to remember that the highlight of this activity is not the walking, but it is the picturesque scenery and the chance to share a laughter-filled afternoon with your whole family. From luscious hillsides to verdant country parks, turn your country walk into a race, challenge or treasure hunt to engage your children. If you want to relax and enjoy the best of the British countryside, a country walk is the ideal place to start – you can always finish in a pub to warm up afterwards.

Coastal Adventures

Great Britain boasts thousands of miles of breath-taking coastline that is rarely enjoyed by the majority of the population. Regardless of the season, walks along wind-swept beaches are amongst the ultimate day-trips for the whole family. If you want to choose an unforgettable family day out, you should definitely consider taking your family to the seaside – winter or summer; it’s an atmospheric arena for family fun. There are dozens of activities for children and adults from mini-golf to partaking in a fierce crabbing competition – a day out at the seaside is what you make of it.

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