Four Things You Need to Take with You When You Travel

Travel has exploded over the past decade. More people are getting away from the stresses of working life and parenting to take a vacation. People both young and old are getting out and seeing the world. This is great! Travel can create memories that parents will carry with them forever, teach kids about the world and its many cultures, and can bring budding couples closer together.

Travel requires a few things, however. To get the full effect of visiting a site or city, whether it be foreign or domestic, you should bring certain things with you. More than just your purse or wallet, there are items you should take with you on a trip to ease the travel time, or to keep the peace between siblings. Just because you are traveling does not mean you have to abandon civilization altogether.


If you go out of the country, the likelihood of your service extending to the country you are visiting is slim. The same goes for having an adventure in the great outdoors, where there is usually no cell service. But bringing your smartphone along is good for other reasons.

  1. It can serve to keep the kids quiet while you travel. Couped up in a car for hours on end, or an airplane for even longer, the game apps on your phone can help keep them quiet.
  1. Your music is stored on your phone. You can listen to your favorite tunes while you travel solo.
  2. Your phone can also serve as a camera. With a large memory card and a built in megapixel camera, you will have ample storage space to take beautifully detailed photos of your trip. Use this to take pictures of the places you visit as a couple or selfies you take while on your honeymoon. These cameras can also record short videos. Do so as you bungee jump off of Macau Tower.

Power Converters

You will need one of these if you are traveling to a different country. Not every country in the world uses 110v outlets. For this reason, you need to bring along an adapter that allows you to convert the outlet of your destination nation to one your devices can use. There are several designs for power outlets throughout the world, so it would be best to carry a multi-adapter capable of being used in the majority of different countries.

Fire Stick

This device will also help keep the kids quiet after a day of swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, or visiting the Ghibli Museum. By connecting this device to a TV with a HDMI port and a Wi-Fi signal, you will be able to stream your movies and shows to almost anywhere in the world. If you find it difficult to understand the Australian accent and lingo, or not having a clue what is being said in Japanese, plug in the Fire Stick, access your video content, and watch what you would normally watch back home. It’s a great way to wrap up the day and relax in the hotel room.


If you are going hiking or kayaking in remote areas of the country – any country – then you will want to carry these little things. They are slightly larger than a flash drive, but they pack some power in them. They transmit a Wi-Fi signal up to three miles, allowing you to stay in touch with the rest of your tour group or family. These will allow you to use your cell phones to keep in contact with each other, so that anyone who gets lost can easily be found.

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