Four ways you can help an elderly relative

Ageing is a natural part of life that not everybody is lucky enough to experience. It can be difficult to watch an elderly relative slow down and struggle to carry out everyday tasks that they used to be able to complete without a second thought. However, ageing is not all doom and gloom, and with your assistance, your elderly relative can continue to lead an enjoyable and fulfilling life. Here are four ways you can help an elderly relative. 

  1. Equip their home with mobility aids

Many people become unsteady on their feet as they grow older, and as such become susceptible to falls, which may lead to broken bones and hip replacements. To help your relative safely and confidently navigate their home, you could install some mobility aids for them. For example, due to splashed water and slippery surfaces, the bathroom can be extremely hazardous; the addition of handrails, shower chairs and walk-in showers can make bathing a lot safer and more comfortable. If your relative lives in a two-storey property, they might experience some difficulty in walking up and down the stairs; a stairlift will enable them to easily and safely navigate their stairs. 

  1. Help with household chores

Your relative may struggle to complete physically strenuous household chores, such as vacuuming and dusting. To help them out, you could establish a weekly routine in which you complete any housework that they are unable to do themselves. This will help your relative to retain a clean home that they relaxed and comfortable living in. 

  1. Consider moving to an assisted living community 

Your relative might require slightly more assistance in fulfilling everyday tasks and may even be fearful of a medical emergency happening to them while they are alone. If so, then they might consider moving to an assisted living community. According to Brightview assisted living in Rockville, MD, some of the most common reasons for choosing a senior living community are access to assistance and safety. Here, they will have access to medical assistance whenever they need it and be part of a community that has been specially designed with the needs of older people in mind. In addition to this, your elderly relative will be living alongside other residents of a similar age to themselves, providing them with a ready-made community and plenty of social opportunities. 

  1. Assist with grocery shopping

With heavy bags and busy aisles, grocery shopping be arduous for an elderly person, both physically and mentally. Why not give them a hand by doing their shopping for them, or organising an online supermarket delivery

Alternatively, though your relative might struggle with their weekly shopping trip, they might see it as an important part of their routine that they want to continue with. If this is the case, then you could accompany them while they carry out their grocery shopping, allowing you to assist with more strenuous tasks like reaching for a heavy item on a higher shel, or carrying an especially bulky item. 

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