Four Ways You Can Stick To Wedding Budget

When you start the planning process of your wedding, it will become apparent that costs can add up extremely quickly. From expensive venues to finding the perfect dress, when you are working to a budget, it’s important for you to find ways to stick to it. This doesn’t mean you need to start using spreadsheets though unless you like that sort of thing. You can keep your wedding within your budget without it getting complicated. 

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Let’s have a look at some of the tips that will help you do just this: 

Remember What’s Important To you 

Everyone’s wedding plans will be different. Even if you purchase a package wedding, you will still make small changes that make it different from the next. Is your heart set on finding the perfect wedding dress? A Big chocolate fountain? Being abroad? Live music? 

When it comes to your wedding budget, you can easily control it by looking at the things that are most important to you first. These are the things you don’t want to compromise on, other areas you may be able to make changes so you can stay within your budget. 

Think Of The Big Spends 

If you don’t want to blow your budget you need to look at the price of each item alone and try to minimize the cost. Areas such as your venue, dress, and photographer have unavoidable costs so investing in these first could give you a better idea of how much money you have to spend on other areas of your big day. 

Cash Gifts 

This isn’t about the planning stages of your wedding, this is about swapping traditional presents for cash gifts instead. If you have spent all you have on your wedding, then chances are you haven’t even thought about your honeymoon yet, or it’s gone onto credit. Either way, having cash gifts could give your bank balance the boost it needs for you to go a on lovely honeymoon soon after your wedding, or help to pay off some of the debts you may accrue from booking your big day. 

Be Mindful Of Do It Yourself 

DIY has become extremely popular for weddings especially when it comes to trying to stick within a budget. However, you need to be very careful. If you’re not you could spend even more money and time than you would if you bought the item in the first place. If you want to have the DIY feel to your wedding then go for it, no matter the cost but, if the idea is to cut back on costs make sure you add up the cost before you start buying and asking your bridesmaids to give you hand. Remember time is just as important when it comes to planning too. 

These four tips should give you a head start when it comes to sticking to your idea wedding budget. Are you planning a wedding on a tight budget? What have you looked at to help keep the costs to a minimum? Please share some tips in the comments. 

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