FREE Valentine’s Day Card Printables

Valentine’s day isn’t too far away so I thought I’d get together a few printable cards for Valentine’s day. In my opinion, there is no need to spend a lot on cards and gifts, as we should let them know we love them all the time. So I thought a few funny and funky printables would be a fun option.

You could print the page out and then stick it to some card. You could also set up your printer to print on half a page of A4 (so A5 size) and then you can just fold that in half once it has been printed.

For the Star Wars Fans:

The new Star Wars film that we saw in December was one of the best that I’d seen. So it really go us in the Star Wars mood and we re-watched all of the classics (episodes 4-6). Need to watch them all in a row one day – that would be awesome. Geeks, much? Think my hubs would appreciate on of these cards this year…


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Funny Valentine’s Day Cards:

I hope more people than me think these are funny?! They are just my sense of humour and are just the style of card that I would like to receive. I’m all about being funny over being romantic. Feel free to pin on pinterest or share on your social media – it would be great if you could please credit me for them, though 🙂




Do you have anything planned for Valentines day? Think it can be tricky when it is a Sunday as nearly everyone will be to and about so I think it is book ahead for meals out. I think it will be dinner for two at home for the husband and I – rock and roll!

Whatever you do, have a good one!


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