Fresh New Ideas For Your Garden This Summer

Ideas to improve your garden this summer 

The excitement of seeing the sun appearing has got many of us turning our attention to the outdoors. And for those of us who have a garden, it’s a great time to turn our thoughts to rejuvenating our green spaces.

Getting your garden back into shape shouldn’t be too difficult, with some pruning here and there, and the addition of some fresh planting. Some of us, however, are longing to give the garden a completely new look. If you’re one of those people, you might be looking for some ideas to improve your space. 

A spot for chilled evenings

If you want to get the most out of your garden, then making a pretty spot for chilled evenings is one way to do it. Weekends in the garden are all well and good but being able to use it in the evenings too is an added bonus. 

So, how do you create that perfect spot for chilled evenings? A patio or decking is a good first step. This is the ideal platform for comfy seating and socialising with friends. You may want it right by your back door for easy access to the house, or you may prefer it in a secluded spot at the end of your garden.

For a low maintenance option, you could check composite decking prices and see whether your budget will allow it.

Chilled evenings may turn chilly when you’re outdoors in summertime, so a fire pit or chiminea could work well in your new space. Adding a bit of warmth so you can enjoy a longer evening. A few warm throws with your seating could be useful too.

And for the ideal ambience, you could string up some pretty outdoor fairy lights. 

A wildlife haven

There’s no doubt that we’d all like a bit more wildlife in our gardens, however in smaller spaces it can seem unrealistic. But any space, no matter how small, can attract more wildlife. 

To attract anything to your garden you need to provide a reason to visit. Flowers, food and water are a few of these reasons. When choosing some new plants for your garden, look for labels that say they’re good for bees, pollinators or are wildlife friendly. Native, wildflowers are a good option.

Flowers can attract lots of bees and insects into your garden. The thought of more insects may not seem that great at first, but this is a good food source for birds. To encourage more birds into your garden, you might think about adding birdfeeders too.

What you feed birds and where you place your feeders can increase your chances. If you can place feeders where there is some natural cover from branches or shrubs, this can be beneficial. And a supply of water will help too.

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