Design Tips to Freshen Up Your Sleeping Space

Few rooms in the house are as important as your bedroom. Ideally, it should be a retreat from the outside world and a place where you can get some much-needed sleep. Sleep deprivation is a real issue in today’s society, and few people realise that how their room is set up often plays a huge role in the quality of sleep they’re getting. In this article, we’re going to give you a few simple ways that you can freshen up your sleeping space and improve the quality of your sleep overnight.

Go Monochrome

If you’re going to paint your bedroom, try to stick to one colour and make sure you choose the right tones as well. But going monochrome doesn’t have to be drab, you can vary shades and textures to create contrasts throughout the room. Blue is usually thought to be better for sleep and there have been various studies that have proven that the colour blue could help lower blood pressure, which eventually translates to better sleep.

Invest in the Right Quilt Covers

Quilt covers can have a huge impact not only on how your room looks but on the quality of your sleep as well. The first thing you should look at is size. The only way you can tell whether a quilt cover will be the right one for your bed is to take measurements. You might actually need something a little bit bigger than what you have now, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve or your sleeping habits. You might even need to upgrade to super king from a king cover if you want more flexibility and a better look.

Fabrics are also very important as well. Cotton is usually the go-to and most quilts you’ll find on the market will be made from cotton. They have the advantage of being lighter, breathable, and affordable as well. Silk is another option for those looking for more of a high-end look, but they aren’t as comfortable and require much more maintenance. Wool and flannel are also popular choices but are a better fit for colder climates. It’s all up to what your exact needs are and what are your priorities as far as look and comfort go.

Block the Light Out

We as humans are being bombarded by light left and right and being overexposed to light can throw your whole neurotransmitter system out of whack. Too much light suppresses the production of melatonin, which is our principal sleep hormone. That’s why you should do everything in your power to banish any sort of light out from the room. Blackout curtains could be a great option. They’re cheap and can be installed virtually anywhere. They’re also great to keep the heat out as well, which will make sleeping even easier.

Create a Soothing Backdrop

Sounds and smells are also essential if you’re trying to create the best sleeping environment possible. Adding a small water feature could be a great way to create a naturally soothing personalised backdrop in the room. You could also invest in a white noise machine as well. A wind chime by the window is another great way to create a soothing atmosphere. And consider adding some flowers and greenery in the room as well. Lavender, for instance, has long been recognised for its soothing qualities and will leave your room feeling fresh while helping you get better sleep.


Just making a few minor adjustments could completely transform the way your room looks and feels and could have a dramatic effect on your sleep patterns. Make sure that you follow these few tips if you want to get the best sleep possible – and improve your overall quality of life at the same time.

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