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Winter brings with it colder temperatures, and it makes me crave something warm to drink. And after a summer of ice teas, some warm fruit teas are the best at this time of year. I don’t drink coffee or ‘regular’ tea, but I can’t say no to a fruit tea after the school run. Something warming and refreshing about them,  and they are low in calories too.

Having tried a few different brands in my time, I can say that not all fruit tea is created equal. Some are quite weak and not very flavoursome. Those are the worst for me. If they taste like slightly flavoured water, then I’d rather just have a glass of water. I much prefer fuller flavours. Tastes better and is much more refreshing, in my opinion. So how do the range of fruit teas from The Coffee Mate do on my fruit tea scale? I have been sent some to try out.

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So first of all, I have never come across stick tea before. It has always been closest tea temples or loose leaf that I have used before. Is it just a fancy thing to does it serve a purpose? For one thing, it doesn’t mean you need a spoon. So it is great for travel and having with you on the go. Just add your hot water and stir the stick around for the tea to mix. So from that point of view, I thought it was really handy.

It also means that you don’t get any leaves floating around, which can happen, especially with traditional loose leaf teas. So it is less messy and keeps the whole process simple and smooth. You can also control the intensity of the drink with it too, as you can remove when you’ve got it as you like it. And if you’re like me and a little fussier with your fruit teas, then this is a big benefit. But mostly, it just makes for something a little different and keeps your drink nice and hygienic. The main seller for me is the easy of use. No spoons; so simple.



I really liked the tastes of the teas. As described, you can control the intensity of the flavour with the stick, so that was a big selling point and something that is a plus from me. The flavours themselves, though different to each other, were all really tasty. The fruity medley was probably my least favourite, just as it was a little more floral than the others. However, it still tasted good. The other two were really fruity and full of flavour. I think they’re make great iced tea when it is warmer too, as they aren’t watery tasting if that makes sense? All in all, enjoyed them!

Value For Money?

Each pack of the fruit teas comes in a £5.90 for a pack (15 sticks), bought online. Compared to other brands that I have used, it is totally comparable. It is more expensive than ones that you would just get in the supermarket, but in many ways, you get what you pay for. I would get them again, for sure, especially if we were heading on a trip.

Have you ever heard of The Coffee Mate? Do you like fruit teas? Would love to hear what you think.

Rebecca x*collaboration with The Coffee Mate. All opinions remain my own.

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