3 unusual things you can fuel your car with

From 2040, you’ll not be able to buy new diesel or petrol cars in the UK after an announcement made by the British government. Car radiators specialist, Advanced Radiators, have taken a look at three unusual things that you can fuel your car with and these are some quirky alternatives:


The smelly green pond substance is very promising, although it may not look too appealing. It could be a very accessible fuel alternative. There’s so much of it to be found in the sea, and it can also be grown in a tank very easily!

Algae can be used to create a various number of biofuels with oils that are harvested from algae cells that are being mixed together with other chemicals to establish a source of biodiesel.


You may be thinking, how on earth could air possibly be turned into fuel? However, pop your hand out of a window when travelling at 70mph and you will realise that we’re onto something good.

We can use compressed air as a fuel source and an Indian car company, Tata Motors, have actually tried this out. Whereby a tank that’s full of compressed carbon dioxide sprays out air when functioning. This air will drive a tiny piston engine, which results in a crankshaft being turned to drive the wheels of a lightweight car.


Coffee can power us up in the morning, so what is to say it can’t do the same for our cars? Car radiators specialist, Advanced Radiators, know that the ingredients are the key.

Brit Martin Bacons invention was a system that used a boiler to transform the coffee byproduct into a mixture. A mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen with the latter being fed into the motor. The result was a modified Ford P100 pick-up that was capable of hitting 65 miles per hour in tests.

He shared this thought, when he brought together a charcoal stove, a coffee bean byproduct and a modified gasoline engine that was able to run hydrogen.







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