Fun Ideas for the Perfect Family Room

Every family home needs at least one room where everyone can spend time together. It doesn’t matter how old anyone is, whether they’re nine months or ninety. Hanging out as a group is one of the essential things that holds a family unit together. But it’s not always easy to design a room that’s suitable for everyone. I’ve come up with some ideas to create a fantastic family room that everyone can enjoy. If you’re planning a revamp of your living room, these tips could help you design it. You can create somewhere that makes it fun and easy to spend time as a family.

Before & After... Finally!
our family room went from this…
…to this (thought it still needs some finishing touches)
  • Adjustable Lighting
    • Families use their living room for lots of different purposes. One minute someone might be watching TV. Then the kids could be doing their homework on the coffee table or the parents might have a romantic night in. Since one room has to do so much, I think having different lighting options makes a lot of sense. One thing you can do is install a dimmer switch, so you can turn the lighting level up or down. But you could also have lots of separate lights. Install LED light bulbs in ceiling and wall lights, as well as table and floor lamps. You can then have all the lights on or only some of them. Make your choices depending on the atmosphere you want to create.
  • Flexible Furniture
    • When you have a busy family, the last thing you want is a rigid setup in your living room. It’s much better if you can move things around and even use furniture for different purposes. You need space for everyone to sit down together and room to play with little ones on the floor. And you don’t want to feel cramped if you have guests over and need to find somewhere for them to sit. I like individual sofa units that you can configure however you want. Footstools or tables that double up as children’s chairs are also useful.
  • Plenty of Storage
    • Anyone who has kids knows how important storage is. I feel like I’m forever picking up after mine, and it’s much easier when there’s a box nearby. There are so many ways you can put things away in your living room. Think about the sort of stuff that tends to end up in piles of clutter in your house. If it’s toys and other kids stuff, put out a box or toy bucket to throw things in. If you know you’re guilty of leaving magazines and books lying around, use a box, file or wall hanging folder. Or just make sure you have plenty of space on the bookshelf.
  • Kids’ Area
    • If you’ve got space, a dedicated play area for the kids will go down well. My two love getting down on the floor to play. It’s can be a lot more fun to watch your children playing than to wonder what they’re getting up to in their rooms. You could set up a low table, so they have space to draw or play board games. Or just put out a rug to sit on while they play with their toys.

Your living room should be for the whole family, from old to young. Think about everyone who uses it when you give it a makeover.

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