Funky Gift Ideas For Star Wars Fans

Since I have a son turning six soon, as well as Christmas in the next few weeks, I am on the look out for a lot of different gifts, both a Christmas gift and Birthday gifts, and things to get for him. Who thought a December birthday was a good idea?! Ha. One of my son’s passions is Star Wars! He is a massive fan and always easier for the next film or anything Star Wars related. So naturally, when looking for gifts for him, I am always on the lookout for anything Star Wars. There is so much; it is timeless.

I was looking on the site CoolStuff the other day, and was overwhelmed by the fab Star Wars gifts that they have one there. I have seen a variety of Star Wars gifts before, but this range was pretty impressive and not things that I had come across before.

So if you’re looking for some Christmas gifts for the Star Wars lover in your life, then look no further than Having always been a bit of a fan, I have grown to love it more and more, especially with a husband and son that love it, so I’d quite like a few of them myself!

Here are my top picks:

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1.R2-D2 Ceramic Cookie Jar – £22.99

I just love the unique style of this cookie jar, plus, I have to say, I am an R2-D2 fan if I had to choose a favourite character. A really cool talking point for the kitchen.

2. Salt & Pepper Shakers – £14.99

Small and cute, these will look cool on your table, as well as in your kitchen. I think these are really fun, and would make my kids want to season their food, for sure.

3. Headphones Set – £75.99

I love the attention to detail on the headphones. Depending on which character you choose, you get small details like the markings of R2-D2 on the headphone cable, as well as on the attachments. It is all about over the head headphones these days, right? And with a subtle nod to Star Wars these are cool and not too in-your-face Star Wars.

4. Death Star Lampshade – £7.99

This paper shade would be more of something like a stocking filler, and it is a bit of a bargain at £7.99. If you don’t want to go all out in a bedroom with Star Wars gear, then a few accessories like this shade for the main light in the room is subtle but fun. It looks really cool lit up and you can see the outlines of the death star on it. I think my son would love it!

5. Snackeez Jr. Snack and Drink Cup – £6.99

Again, a cute little stocking filler would work here. Both of my children love having fancy drinking cups to use. Plus, I like that this can be used as a stacking container as a drink. So good for travel and road trips. Bargain price too, right? Love it.

6. Star Wars BB8 Egg Cup – £12.99

A little on the pricey side for just one, but this is mega cute. BB8 is pretty much the best and I think that this would get the fussiest of Star Wars fans to eat their eggs!

7. Sandwich Mould – £8.99

Again, if your little Star Wars fan is a little on the fussy eating side of things, then this could be a good way to get them to eat their sandwiches. You make the sandwich as normal with fillings, then use the mould, or press, to create a Star Wars shape. From R2-D2 to Darth Vader, there are options for both the first order and the resistance.

8. Look-A-Lite – £15.99

Oh my heck, how cute are these? There are a whole variety of characters to choose from (pretty sure Max would prefer Darth Vader or Kylo Ren), but I just love the cute Yoda one, as well as Chewbacca, and a Storm Trooper. Like the main lampshade, this is good if you don’t want a room that is full on Star Wars with wallpaper, but gives a subtle nod to the theme. Plus, a nice practical gift; everyone needs a bedside table.

9. Darth Vader Cake Mould – £13.99

When it comes to baking a cake, how much more fun is a Darth Vader shaped cake going to be? I wish I had got this for his Star Wars birthday party last year! It would have looked so good. Any excuse to eat cake, right?

Have you started your Christmas shopping? Do you have a Star Wars fan in your house? Would love to hear what you think!

Rebecca x





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