How to Furnish Your First Home

Moving into your very first home, whether it’s a rental flat or a home you and your partner have bought with a mortgage, is exciting. You are officially a grown up now that you have bills to pay, rooms to furnish, and housework to do. You probably can’t wait to get started on selecting paint colours and shopping for bed linen, but if you have absolutely no furniture to your name, there are some essentials to buy first.

A Bed

Unless you are happy sleeping on an airbed, it is sensible to invest in a bed. For those with a tight budget, second-hand beds are readily available, online and via local classified ads. Bed frames have come back into fashion and antique bed frames are attractive and functional. It is a good idea to buy a new mattress, as most mattresses don’t last more than 7-10 years and why would you want to inherit someone else’s bed bugs anyway?


Every home needs a sofa. It’s somewhere to sit when you are relaxing in the evening; and, also, somewhere for guests to sit when they come over to see your new home. Before going sofa shopping, measure the room and work out how big or small a sofa needs to be. There is little point in buying a huge leather sofa if it won’t fit through the door or even in the room.

You should definitely try to look online for the best bargains. One great site to look into is The Place for Homes who has some great offers on sofas and other types of furniture. You can also find excellent bargains on second-hand websites such as eBay and Gumtree.

Table and Chairs

Sure, you can sit on your new sofa to eat dinner, but it is more civilised to eat at the table. And cleaner. Besides, now that you own/rent your own home, you can start holding dinner parties for your friends, so a table and chairs are essential.

Consider how much room there is and shop for a suitably-sized table. Folding tables are ideal if your home is tiny or you only have a living/dining room. Bistro tables with two chairs are great for couples, but if you have a baby on the way or you want to entertain, go for a larger table that can comfortably seat four people.

White Goods

Rental homes often come with white goods included, but if you have bought a new home, you may have to invest in a fridge, freezer, washing machine, and perhaps a tumble drier. Luckily, white goods are far, far cheaper than they once were, so budget for around £200-£300 per appliance and don’t be afraid to haggle for the best prices if you shop in-store, especially if you are buying more than one appliance.

Other items you may need if your budget will stretch that far include a wardrobe, chest of drawers, bookcase, TV cabinet, and desk. Look online for bargains and consider buying second-hand, to begin with. Old pine or oak furniture can be given a shabby-chic makeover and repurposed to suit your style.

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