Bringing the Fun Indoors: Boredom Busting Games and Activities for Kids

You can’t stop children from playing and you can’t stop inclement weather.  If it’s raining and pouring outside but your kids are ranting and raving about letting out energy, you’ll need to figure out a few activities to do inside.  Here is a number of boredom busting games for rambunctious kids who can’t go outside.



Miming is an art form, and even better for parents who enjoy quiet, it’s a silent art form.  Have kids dress in black and white stripes and paint their faces.  Tell them that they will be partaking in a miming contest.  Have them watch videos of mimes on YouTube so they have a sense of how to perform.  Who knows?  You may discover the world’s next famous mime is just a performance away!


Kids love to burn energy by running and playing sports, but they also enjoy using creative powers to make crafts.  Whether it’s using paint, stamps, construction paper, crayons, markers, or all of these art implements, kids enjoy creating an end product.  It’s especially fun for them to do in a large group so they can borrow ideas and receive feedback from their peers.


It seems too easy to be a boredom buster, yet traditional games that have been around for decades can still entertain.  Teach kids how to play family card games like War and Go Fish, or more advanced games like Poker and Hearts.  All you need is a pack of cards and a group of kids who are tired of being bored.


If the kids thoroughly enjoyed miming but want to add some dialogue, have them dress up and act scenes from their favorite movie.  Or better yet, if they are very creative, have them write their own scenes and dialogue and perform for the whole family.

DIY Tasks

Kids like to be helpful and feel as if they can do things that grownups do.  Have kids perform minor projects around the house.  For example, head to the home goods or hardware store and have them select new vanity plates for the electrical outlets.  Help them unscrew the old plates and implement the new ones.  It’s a small home job but it will make kids feel accomplished and involved.


It’s a bit of a stretch to think that kids will equate cleaning with fun, so you’ll have to turn the task into a game.  For example, assign one or more kids to clean a particular room and tell them that they will be awarded points for their efforts.  To sweeten the deal, mention the one with the cleanest room will be awarded a prize.


What kid doesn’t like to let loose to their favourite tunes?  Whether it’s a contest among themselves or a choreographed dance to their favourite song, let kids burn energy through dance.  If they are not opposed to others watching, video the dances and upload them to your blog.  Have friends and family members comment and give scores based on how well the kids perform. A competitive element always works well with children.

What do your kids like to play?


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