How to Get Your Garden Flower Show Ready

With one of the most awaited events of the gardening calendar only a few days away, now is the perfect time to make sure your own garden is bright and beautiful, ready for the Chelsea Flower Show! The Chelsea Flower show is an event that combines beautiful floral arrangements with unique features and outstanding aesthetics, which can be really fun to incorporate into your own garden space too.

Award Winning Plants

By introducing certain plants to your garden, you can guarantee that the space you have will look bold and stand out from the crowd. These award-winning plants are all prize winners from RHS flower shows and are guaranteed to bring a beautiful touch of character to your outdoors.

Hydrangea ‘Anabelle’ is the first of the four winners. With their stunning balls of flowers that can often grow to the size of a football, these flowers are bold and stand proud in any garden. You’ll find that Hydrangea ‘Anabelle’ look great positioned in between green bushes or additional shrubs, bringing a subtle touch of colour to that area.

Clematis Montana Mayleen are ideal for adding a delicate, floral touch to your garden. Both easy to grow and also easy to maintain, this particular plant is perfect for those with busy schedules. Whether you’re a pro gardener or you simply want to make your garden look and feel beautiful, the Clematis Montana Mayleen is a really good choice.

Verbena Bonariensis are a popular choice mainly due to the fact that they last right through the summer months, to autumn. With a strong purple colour and delicate flowers, the Verbena Bonariensis are ideal for injecting a touch of colour to your floral displays.

Lobelia Queen Victoria combines a bold red colour with striking tall stems that are really useful when positioned next to smaller plants. This particular plant is great for bringing some levelling into your flowerbeds and enhancing the overall look with some bold splashes of red.

Floral Inspiration

Throughout the country floral arrangements are being created to enhance the flowery season. One place in particular is Covent Garden, there are so many beautiful floral arrangements that are positioned proudly to bring the area to life. With so many gorgeous flowers being used to lift the atmosphere within this space, you can get some great inspiration to make your garden look the part too. You don’t have to be an amazing gardener to give your garden a splash of character, simply take inspiration from the sources around you! Or, you can bring the blooms directly to your home with the help of this online flower shop in Abu Dhabi.

Covent Garden Floral Display – Credit Bradshaws Direct

Pristine Displays

One of the most important things that every gardener has to consider at the Chelsea Flower show is how neat and tidy their displays are. Pristine displays are a must at any flower show, so incorporating this into your own garden will help keep this flower show style clear. Start by making sure that your lawn is cut and trimmed to the perfect length, as the lawn can have the largest impact on how good your garden looks overall. The next step is to ensure your flowerbeds are neatly trimmed and sorted, removing any weeds or dead flowers that could cause issues for your current flowers and plants.

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