Choosing Your Garden Furniture

In typical British style, the summer has got off to a pretty questionable start, weather-wise, at least. But also in true British style, we’re not going to let it dampen our spirits. So all things go for summer, right?

For me summer is all about being outside, no matter what space you have. Whether it is a small balcony or a large patio and garden, there are so many materials and fabrics out there, as well as new tech (really), that can make choosing things for your garden pretty tricky. However, Bramblecrest, a garden furniture company, have created a list of a few things to make choosing your garden furniture much simpler.

Are you in the market for something new? Here are some tips to help, as well as some of my favourite picks.


  • Measure where you want the furniture to be, and make sure that you are doing it pretty accurately, particularly if the space that you have is pretty tight. Make sure that you allow for around 1m around the back of chairs or sofas, as you don’t want the space feeling cramped.
  • If you don’t have a space for storing cushions that can be used outside, then look to buy a storage sofa or storage boxes so things can be kept in good condition, as well as used for hiding outdoor toys and tableware.


  • Make a list of how you want to use your garden furniture; will it be all about al fresco entertaining, sunbathing, or picnic lunches?
  • Modular dining sets are the most flexible when it comes to seating larger groups, as well as keeping things casual.
  • If you want a more traditional dining set, but also want space to be able to relax, having a bit of space for recliners and foot stools can be a good idea.


  • For the ultimate in comfort and convenience, go for upholstered chairs without loose cushions. If the range has a season-proof fabric, then it will allow it to be safely left out in the rain and only needs to be covered or stored over long periods of non-use.
  • For low maintenance tables and chairs that can easily stand up to the elements, choose synthetic woven furniture or aluminium; light to move and very easy to clean.


  • A large, adjustable parasol will protect, (as well as phones and tablets) from glare and excessive heat (here’s hoping, right)?
  • You can even get parasols with built-in LED lights nowadays, to give your outside space extra sparkle.
  • A fire pit isn’t just something for the cooler months, so if you want to entertain over summer, getting a freestanding fire pit, or furniture with one built-in, can be a great idea.
Ascot Square Casual Dining Set with Ceramic Top, Firepit & 2 Casual Dining Benches, SRP £2858


  • Relatively neutral colours tend to look best in most gardens, but some more definite colours can also work well.
  • Using scatter cushions, throws and rugs can add brighter colours if you want to go with ‘safer’ options for the rest of your furniture.

I am all about keeping things fairly neutral with the decor and then adding some colour with cushions and blankets; perfect way to add colour in the summer.

*this is a collaborative post

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  • That hanging chair is so awesome! And the colors of your garden, it looks so modern that it still classic too. Your furniture placement is admirable! You did one fine job!

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