Advice for Making the Most Out of Your Garden

People that know me will be reading the title of this blog post and laughing – my garden is such a mess! When we were looking for a home to buy, a garden was a must.

“We’ll use it all the time”

“We can grow our own veg”

“It will be easy to take care of”

How wrong I was!

We bought our home from an older man that loved to garden. You could tel he loved it and loved plating lots of flowers. This makes looking after a garden a but trickier as the more earth there is, the more chance of getting weeds and pests. Some things we have kept, but some we haven’t. Ideally I’d like a border going around but then have a small decking area and then the rest lawn.


Watching the video below gives me a little bit of motivation for my garden and to crack on with it, though. A apparently not all of use our gardens all of the time. When it is summer, we are out there a lot, but other than that, we don’t use it that much. All of these grand plans of redesigning it haven’t happened either. Yet. We will do something with it before long. I just find gardening relentless. You get it sorted and then within a few days it is a mess.

I think I need to take Phil Spencer’s advice, though, and treat the garden like any other room in the house. When any other room in the house gets messy, I clean and tidy it. I don’t just avoid going in it (or I don’t just go in it and just ignore the gross parts and sit in the alright areas). So this is the advice I will take most on board from the video below.

Treat your garden with as much value as any other room in the house.

Do you have a garden at home? I’d love to hear what your tips and trick are for getting motivated to work on it properly?

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