Make A Garden That Will Never Wilt With Yarn

Plants make for lovely and fresh home décor, but they can be difficult to take care of when you have a busy schedule. If you don’t give them the right amount of water and sunlight, flowers will wilt, leaves will fall off and roots will shrivel. To avoid throwing the contents of your planters in the compost, you can create potted plants that will never sag or dry out. You should make a bright and beautiful garden with yarn so that you don’t have to worry about drooping stems or falling petals again.

When you start planning your alternative garden, research images of the plant-lifethat you would want to place around your house so that you can find the yarn that matches them. Go to the website Yarnspirations to find the specific yarns that you need for your substitute flowers, bushes and plants. The website offers a wide variety of yarn brands, weights, fibers, types and colors for your selection. They also carry important tools like knitting needles, crochet hooks, stitch-holders and other accessories like embellishment kits — you can order these items and a huge selection of yarn online and have them delivered directly to your home in no time.

If you aren’t an experienced crafter, you can easily put together a bouquet of fluffy pompom flowers—these soft replacements will make a sweet addition to any vase without ever drooping or drying. In order to make your pompom flowers, you will need items like newspaper, scissors, glue, green tissue paper and green tape to put together the stem and the leaves. To make the flower, you need a thick and chunky yarn in a color that you like—a yarn with a fine fiber will result in a limp and lifeless pompom. If you have trouble making the pompom on your own, you can always order a pompom-maker from Yarnspirations for a successful outcome on every try.

If you know how to knit or crochet, you can produce more intricate crafts to decorate your mantelpieces and table-tops. For something colorful and festive, you can crochet flowers like blooming sunflowers, climbing roses, lilies, tulips and poinsettias. Or try to set up your own yarn terrarium with crocheted succulents and cacti—for more authenticity, add these plants on a bed of soil made of crocheted brown yarn. For a more unexpected direction, turn to healthy produce like fruits and vegetables for creative inspiration. You can crochet carrots and radishes sprouting from the earth, make a spotted toadstool on a grassy bed or assemble freshly picked strawberries in a basket. There are no limitations to the plant-life that you can fabricate when you have ingenuity and lots of yarn.

A yarn garden is a creative and convenient step to decorate every room in your home with gorgeous plant-life. This is the best way to prevent any petals from withering, stems from drooping or needles from falling to the floor — these exquisite plants will look fresh and healthy forever.

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