Getting the Garden Organised This Summer

I have a bit of a love / hate relationship with our garden. Now don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful that we have a garden. It is lovely to have an outdoor space. It is just hard work to keep up with it all. It is a pretty constant job, particularly over summer. It just grows and grows at a constant rate! I am trying to get it organised this summer, though.

So here are a few ways that you can get the garden organised this summer, if yours is in a bit of a state, like mine!


With children, the garden can be full of various bits and bobs. Quite often there are toys and balls thrown all over the garden, as well as paddling pool and small toys. The best thing to do is to gather them all up and sort what needs to stay outside and what doesn’t. We had a clear out of our shed and have a place for them to be stored in there. Then we can just take them out as and when.


Neaten Up the Edges

Mowing the lawn and neatening up the edges is important in getting the lawn neat and tidy. A strimmer is good to get to the edges that a larger mower can’t get to. Then you can get rid of any mess and make the edges nice and neat. You could even put down some wooden edging or some flexible lawn edging. Then you can make gardens of all shapes and sizes look neat and tidy with some smart edging.

Spray Weedkiller

Summer is when the weeds grow and grow in abundance. The best way to get the garden looking organised is to get it rid of weeds. You can manually pull them out but the best way to keep them from coming back, is to get some weedkiller sprayed. It will look so much more neat and tidy. We have a strawberry patch in our garden that gets some weeds all over summer. I don’t use any weedkiller on that area so that we can have organic and tasty strawberries. Good old elbow grease to get the weeds out on that patch!


Being able to add some finishing touches to the garden can make it look so good. You could get some solar powdered little lights that you can dot around the garden. Then they can charge up all day and light up at night. You could even get some outdoor fairy lights perfect for stringing along a patio, decking or fencing.

Update the Furniture

If you have any garden furniture then it might be time to give it all a little update. Seat cushions might need replacing or a table might need a scrub and clean after the winter months. If the furniture doesn’t need to be replaced, then just giving it a good clean could make it look like new.


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