Get Accustomed To Working From Home With These Helpful Tips

During the 2020 global health crisis, many companies encouraged their employees to start working from home for safety reasons. However, as technologies changed and business goals shifted, more and more people were given permanent work-from-home positions that gave them more flexibility to carry out their work responsibilities. Fast forward to the present day, and many of our companies have started adopting hybrid workflows that take the best features of both working from home and working in the office.

But for those of us that are stuck with working from home, we’re starting to see some of the long-term effects that we were initially warned about. This can include eye strain, posture problems, or even weight gain as a result of less activity. Some of us may even feel a drop in productivity because we’re unable to focus like we did when we were surrounded by work colleagues. So if you’re struggling to transition into a full-time work-from-home position, here’s some advice to follow.

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Get a proper work-from-home setup and stop working on random surfaces

Don’t work on the bed, don’t work on kitchen counters, and definitely don’t work on the floor. If you’re looking to adopt a full-time work-from-home position then you absolutely need to invest in a desk much like how you would have one in the workplace. This allows you to keep your computer at a proper height, it gives you room underneath to stretch your legs, and you can even use a standing desk if you prefer the flexibility. This beats straining your neck just to look at your screen and is vital for your long-term health when working from home.

Take good care of your eyes when working from home

Work in a well-lit environment and make sure your computer screen is around 20 inches away from your face. This will change depending on how big or small your screen is, but the idea is to keep a fair amount of distance until you can still comfortably work. The glare from our screen can be really tiring when you have to work for a long period of time, and it’s usually a good idea to consider wearing computer glasses if you spend many hours at your computer, from an eye glass store. When possible, take regular breaks to relieve your eyes of the strain. This will help ensure that you don’t get too tired and it also helps maintain your eye health.

Replacing your commute with more activity

You may find it helpful to replace your regular commute with some physical activity in the morning and afternoon. Many of us were accustomed to walking to work or at least moving around to get to our workplace, but there’s usually no replacement for it if you work from home. You might choose to work at a coffee shop or something, but the regular activity that we got no longer exists. Instead, you need to make a conscious effort to start working out, moving your muscles, and doing exercise to maintain those activity levels.

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  • Right. Having a divided place for work is essential. But if you work from home, try to get out from time to time to work at least twice a week. Just to change the scenery. It will help you to keep a work-life balance. For this, you can choose something like a local cafe. However, if you quickly lose concentration, the talks of cafe visitors can also distract you. In this case, consider the coworking space. Even though it’s not free, there is the most favorable environment for work. And many people notice that they work more productive from there.