Get Fit Feel Epic…

I am the plateau queen.

If there was a prize for the person that can maintain their weight the longest, plateau, I think I would win. Hands down. I am fine at keeping my fitness and my weight at the same level but I have to really push to actually lose any weight, or get any fitter.

I can follow the rule book by eating a certain amount of calories, exercising at least 30 minutes five days a week, drink lots of water each day, walk everywhere I can and so on but nothing budeges. Just stay the same. Plateau.

So, this year, 2013, I am going to really push myself. Max is walking now so it will definately mean lots more running around after him. I have signed up to do a (5 or) 10k race in March so I can raise money for Charity (and get fitter of course). I want to get back into proper running again. Before I had Max I would run about 5k every day and I ran a half marathon when I was pregnant so would love to get back to that fitness level. Theres a lot more freedom to just go out and run before the hubs goes to work, now I don’t have a little one that is constantly wanting to be fed. So bring on the lighter mornings and running time!

I have been doing various workouts from YouTube (see this post for details) and I have really been enjoying it. But somethings got to give. I hope to boost weight loss with more running, walking furthur and longer and good old calorie counting!

This post has been inspired by a fab competition ‘Get Fit Feel Epic’ on Yummy Mummy In Training where you can win a great prize, a ‘FitBit’, through

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