Get Good Summer

I liked up to Clarina’s Contemplations #GetGoodSummer Linky back on 1st July. I have been rubbish at doing the weekly updates but now it has come to an end I thought I would review my five goals over the three months and let you all know how I got on.

1. Lose two stone – Yes, I know this was a little over ambitious for a 3 month period (28lbs) but I did manage to lose 10lbs so fairly pleased with that. I was sick over a few days though which probably had something to do with it. Oh, well.

2. Read the last two books from Lauren Weisberger – I did it! I had two more books of hers to complete (Everyone worth Knowing and Last Night at Chateau Marmont) and I read them both in July! Once I get into a book I am hooked and can’t put it down. I really enjoyed both of them and I even got the chance to re-read one of her other books ‘Chasing Harry Winston’.

3. Make lots of yummy creations with things from the garden – There is nothing quite like growing your own fruit or veg in the garden. I really enjoyed this goal. I planned to make some jam out of our strawberries but in the end they just looked so good we had them straight from outside for dessert quite a few nights in a row! I did use our gooseberries and apples to make a few apple, blackcurrant and goosberry pies – much to my husbands delight. We are growing tomatoes too but they aren’t quite ready yet.

4. Sort out my wardrobe – This was another goal that I enjoyed doing. I love having things ‘just so’ and having a nicely organised wardrobe is wonderful. I sorted out bin bag after bin bag of some items and sent them off to charity, sold a few bits on eBay and then gave some to people I know. Very satisfying.

5. Beat my 5K personal best – This was rubbish for me. I haven’t really done much running over the summer. I have still been exercising – I do Body Combat twice a week as well as swimming and spinning – but have just gone off running for a bit recently. Must. Try, Harder.

Did you achieve any of your goals this summer?

Rebecca x

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