Get Good Summer | Half Way Point

It’s week 5 of my Get Good Summer goals! The half way point. Good time to review and see how things are going.

I have had a little bit of success already – I wanted to get some more things made with the fruit we grow in the garden and have made jam, strawberry salad and a crumble. The strawberries have stopped now really but won’t be long until the apples are ready.

I have also managed to stick to my ‘try new things with the kids’. We have visited different places that we’ve never been before and this week will be doing some crafts that we’ve not made before.

One of my other goals was to drop a dress size. Not so much happening there. In the five weeks since this has started I have lost 5lbs but I’m realising you need quite a lot to drop one whole dress size. Will see what the next few weeks bring…

My two main achievements this week are:

  • beating my 5k personal best by just under two whole minutes. My previous PB was 32.08 and on Saturday I ran 30.11! I was seriously amazed but so happy. Only have to knock a few more seconds to be under 30 minutes so I’m thrilled. I still find running 5k really hard though. I don’t stop to walk at any point but I quite often really want to. I have been doing my local ParkRun (or the one in Maidstone if we’re visiting my in-laws) and it’s brilliant. It’s every Saturday morning and it’s a completely free 5k. There are usually a couple of hundred people running but it doesn’t feel like a ‘race’, I can just run at my own pace and just try to improve my time each week.
  • and hurrah, I have made a start on my book. I was given ‘The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie’ by one of my sisters for my birthday back in April. She and my mum have read and they recommended it. I’m only a few chapters in but really enjoying it so far. It’s well written and really engaging. It’s been so nice to just chill out and escape into the story. Not sure if I’ll have it completed in the next 5 weeks but will have hopefully read a chunk of it.


How are your summer goals going?

Rebecca x

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