Get Good Summer | Week 1

Last week you may have read my #GetGoodSummer goals for the next ten weeks. Well here is the first weekly update to let you know how I am getting on…

1. Complete a book – no, not happened in the slightest. I know which book I want to read but I haven’t been able to find time to sit down and even read a page. Must make more of an effort to set aside specific time in the next few weeks. I enjoy reading, when I have the time and I get into books really quickly, it’s just that illusive thing, spare time!

2. Drop a dress size – I have been watching what I eat, with a mixture of running and Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. So far, in a week I have lost 1.5lbs. I’ll take that. If I could manage that over the 10 weeks of #GetGoodSummer then I’d be rather pleased.

3. Improve my Personal Best – I have been on a run most evenings and tried to time myself but haven’t beaten my 5k time yet (32mins). I did however run my fastest ever time for 1k, timed on an app on my phone. Sadly the other 4k were not as quick! I wasn’t able to get to ParkRun last week as we had a busy Saturday and it wouldn’t have worked, but planning on going this Saturday.


4. Get Creative with our Fruit – Well, I managed to make some strawberry jam! Does this count as a completed goal?! 😉 I found a lovely Jamie Oliver recipe that uses vanilla pod in it and it is the best jam I have ever tasted (not just saying that because I made it). You can find the recipe HERE. I have given away some strawberries as gifts, as we have so many, but need to try a few more things I think.


5. Try New Things – this was a goal just so that we wouldn’t do the same old things with the kids each day / week. This week we have been to an introduction day to Max’s pre-school (as if he is even old enough), so that surely counts as something new? He really enjoyed it. We have also been to a park that we haven’t been to before that has a fantastic childrens play area, with sand and a water fountain. Needless to say, Max loved that too!

I am really loving these challenges. It helps that I’m accountable to someoneso that I really make an effort and make sure we get a good productive summer.


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Rebecca x

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