Get Good Summer | Week 3

I have set  five goals over 10 weeks and we are now 3 weeks in. Some goals have really been progressing well. Others not so much..

My first goal that I set myself was to complete a book. I was given one in April for my birthday, from one of my sisters and it’s been sat on the shelf looking at me. I really wanted to start it this week but I just keep finding when I have some down time, there are a few other little things I can be getting on with or happen to find Netflix turning on for another episode of The Good Wife… Ooops!


One of my other goals was to try at least one new thing with the kids each week. This week we went to Chessington World of Adventures and visited the Sealife Centre. We have been to farms and to the zoo quite a lot but never seen too much sea life. Max loved it, especially all the ‘dory’ fish and jellyfish (I’m sure Chloe would have loved it if she had been awake). Max even had a crab crawl over his hand! If that’s not something new I don’t know what is.


The third goal that was a success this week was improving my personal best. I have been running a 5k most Saturday mornings, as part of ParkRun (they’re free timed 5k races in different locations across the country). My PB was set at 32.26 minutes. I did a race last week and improved my PB by a whole 18 seconds! Haha, well at least it is an improvement. If I can improve by 18 seconds each week then I’ll be happy – I’d love to get under 30 minutes eventually.


So onto week 4… *reaches for my book*

Rebecca x

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