Get Good Summer | Week 6

It has been a fairly slow week this week in terms of the goals I have set for the summer. Not much reading done, not much running done, not much of much done really. Just one of those bleurggghh weeks.


One of my goals though, was to do something new with the kids each week. One big thing that was new this week was starting baby girl with her first tastes of food! So far we have tried baby rice, banana, strawberry and apple and baby porridge. All have gone down fairly well. It is so funny to see her little face when she tries a taste for the first time. I am having to learn all about weaning over again, as I obviously weaned Max but that was over 2 years ago now. Getting the hang of it again I think.

I am reminded though of just how OCD I can be – one thing I hadn’t forgotten about with the whole weaning thing was the mess. The mess! Gahhh!  If baby wipes weren’t my best friends already, they are now haha.

How have you been getting on this week?

Rebecca x

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