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Summer just seems like a good time to set lists and goals and get things done. Maybe the light evenings make you feel like you have more time on your hands? Anyway, I have linked up with Clarina’s Contemplations blog hop and have set 5 goals for the summer…

GGS 2013


Lose two stone Weight loss is forever a goal of mine (I think  I will always be someone that is, and needs to be, very concious of what I eat and exercise). I don’t get too hung up about it but have been in a bit of a lull recently so this is a great reason to get back on it. Hotter weather means lots of salads, always a bonus (plus the thought of our upcoming holidays and having to get half naked on a beach). I have started from 1st July and have given up fizzy drinks and sugar – all artiicial sugar anyway, I think I will allow myself fruit!

revengeRead the last two books from Laura Weisberger This is the author behind ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and I recently finished the sequel to it ‘Revenge Wears Prada’. She has three other books, of which I have read one – ‘Chasing Harry Winston’ (I read this on the holiday where the hubs and I got engaged, ironic much?). I recently purchased the last two and am looking forward to reading them, ‘ Everyone Worth Knowing’ and ‘Last Night at Chateau Marmont’. I can highly recommend the ones I have read of hers so far and may even revisit the Harry Winston one if time the toddler allows.

– Make lots of yummy creations with things from the garden We have planted quite a few new things in the garden this year, along with things that we already had growing. We can see lots of gooseberries growing, strawberries and tomatoes. Now, I know they wouldn’t taste good altogether but I’m thinking a gooseberry pie, strawberry jam and just add the tomatoes to salads – yum. Must get onto Pinterest for some recipes… strawb

Sort out my wardrobe This is always an ongoing thing. I don’t think I even buy very much but I always just have so much stuff in my wardrobe. I am going to apply the ‘if I haven’t worn it in a year, it goes’ rule and see if I can get something for the decent things on eBay for some extra spends. If not, there are a lot of charity shops local to me or perhaps a car boot…. hmmmmm?

Beat my 5K personal best  running I run fairly regularly but don’t always time it or don’t always measure the correct distance. So I think I need to get to some   Park Run’s as they are free timed 5k races. It can be tricky fitting them in as I work early Saturday mornings but I will make an extra effort to go along and beat my time. I find goals like this easier than saying ‘drop a dress size’ as with all the effort to run more and improve my time, it will help towards improving my shape.

What are five things that you want to do or work on this summer?

You can join the blog-hop below… *This is part of a linky blog hop over at Clarina’s Contemplations*

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  • Looks like you have a busy summer ahead! I too am jumping on the weight loss band wagon! Something about summer makes it easier, doesn’t it? I actually want to eat fruit and salad if the weather is nice… but then the winter undoes all my hard work. Grrr… So great to have you joining #GetGoodSummer! Thanks for linking up! Make sure you come back every week and let us know how you’re getting on!