How Can You Create More Light In Your Home?

Having a home that is quite dark, is often a problem I hear a lot of bloggers talk about. They will use random locations for photography or vlogging, as they can’t use most rooms in the house due to poor lighting. So it seems like it is quite a common issue. For some, they won’t be bothered by it. It is something that they are use to. But if you are looking to improve the light in your home, what can you do? If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it no; lighting makes the world of difference in a room. So here are a few of my ideas and things that we have done in our home.

Use Dimmer Switches

This is such an easy fix that you can do in your home. It just means that you have an instant way to change the amount of light in a room. If you have quite a dark home and then it is suddenly full of dark clouds in the sky, the room can get even darker. You might not want to put the lights on full in the middle of the day. So a dimmer switch allows you to alter the level of light that you have. I think they are a winner in children’s rooms too, for when it comes to bedtime or nap time.

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Use Reflective Surfaces

The more surfaces that are shiny in a room, the larger it will look. The brighter and lighter it will look too. So think about using plenty of mirrors, metallic finishes on furniture or even glossy floors. The more the light can reflect, the brighter and more sparkly a room will be.

Look at Your Windows

It is also worth considering looking at your windows. They can help to create more light too. The larger the window, the more light it will allow in, obviously. So for a dining room or kitchen, you could think about upgrading to some slim aluminium bifold doors. It would create such an open space, allowing the light to flood in, as it is pretty much a wall of windows on one side of the room. Keeping windows clean is a simple way to allow more light in too. If you have blinds on your windows, think about raising them in the day. They can alter the amount of light quite a lot.

The Power of Three

Three is a great number when it comes to interior design. It can be said to use uneven numbers when it comes to cushions on your bed or sofa, and can be used in terms of lighting too. Think of the rooms in your home. Ideally, they should have three sources of light. Think about having one main light in the room (a ‘big light’ as Peter Kay would say). Then having a secondary light source, like a floor or table lamp. Then the third light source to have is something that creates ambience, like candles or sconces.

Have you got anything that has helped you to create more light in your home?


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