How I Get Organised in the Kitchen

I really quite enjoy cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. As many of you will know, I am on a bit of a food journey (cringe, I called it a journey) to control mkitchen3y blood sugar and get my health to where it should be (with the result being another baby). So as a result, I do spend a lot of time in my kitchen, researching ingredients, and being one of those annoying food label readers!

I really like things to be organised and tidy as well, though. My husband and I can’t cook together as he is the complete opposite. It really is terrible and I am getting worse with age… but it can pay off if you want a nice, tidy, and organised kitchen.

One of my favourite things in our kitchen is the pull-out larder cupboard; everyone needs one in their life! It is where we store all food ingredients that don’t need to be chilled. But as it gets daily use, it can get pretty messy. Which is why I have been getting it more organised recently. I bought a set of glass and some plastic storage ‘candy’ jars from Amazon back in December. I used some for my son’s birthday party but then just had a load of them sat empty. So filling them with grains, pulses and pasta has been so useful. I had so many half opened packets of rice and quinoa that the shelves in the cupboard were getting so messy.

Chalkola chalk pens recently sent me some of their amazing chalk pens and markers. I knew immediately that I wanted to use them on my jars and containers as they work well on non-porous materials like glass and plastic (as well as other uses for things like whiteboards, chalkboards and windows). Plus, the benefit is that they aren’t permanent. They can be cleaned off when I run out of something and then my jars can be filled with something completely different. I love the huge range of colours that they come in too and have been looking for more things to write on and get creative with haha.



I can’t tell you just how much all of this labelling and organising has helped in the kitchen when I am cooking and experimenting. I can just grab things and put a lid back on. Not having to worry about an open bag spilling everywhere or finding tape to seal it back up with. It has helped me to reduce waste for things that were going out of date, as I could cook it all up too. I am definitely a visual person too, so seeing everything on display certainly helps me to know what I have in and helps with my meal planning.

I just need to get some more jars and containers now as I have my baking cupboard to organise. Having flour and cacao powder in glass containers would be much easier to handle than the paper bags that they all come in. Speaking of which, if you are curious as to what ‘superfoods’ you need to stock up on in your store cupboard for a diet similar to mine, then here are some of my suggestions and how they are best used too:

How do you get yourself organised in your kitchen, if at all? You could use the code 15OFFSTR to get 15% off any Chalkola order if you want to try some of the pens for yourself. The jumbo set is a pack of 8 for £14.90 and the pens and markers set is £16.90 for 21 pens, all available from Amazon.Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 21.39.46

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 21.38.08








Rebecca x*the chalk pens were gifted in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

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