Getting Fit After Having a Baby

Many women are worried that motherhood means they’ll never look the way they want to again. How you look can change (I still have weight to lose, but I still have a good level of fitness) – it can be easy for mums to get fit. I’ve got some words of advice for any mums that are looking to get into shape:

Exercise In The Home

In the early days, you are a bit more restricted to the home – particularly in terms of exercise – you can’t just go out for a run as and when you would like. It might be tough for you to go to a gym during the week because you have a baby at home. But, there is a way around this that can help you get into better shape. I’d advise that you start exercising in your home. It’s a pretty straightforward concept, whenever you have a spare twenty or thirty minutes, you find some space to exercise.

I know many of you may think it’s not possible, but you only need thirty minutes max for an effective workout. Plus, there are lots of ways you can use your house to exercise. Running up and down the stairs is a great way for you to do some cardio in the home. Or, you can do yoga at home, all you need is a small space on the floor to fit your body.

Sign Up For An Event

You may have noticed that I recently took part in a triathlon. This was a big physical event for me, and I had to get myself into shape for it. I found that the thought of the upcoming event was highly motivating. It made me want to exercise and get fitter and better, so I could complete this event. So, if you’re struggling for motivation, sign up for an event! You could try a triathlon, like me, or give a half marathon a go if you’re aiming high. How about just a 5k to start? You can do free local 5k’s at your local park.

The great thing about events is that you’re training towards a goal, which makes things far easier for you. You’ll be motivated and have a huge sense of satisfaction when you complete it!

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Cut Down On The Booze

I personally don’t drink but I know that being a parent can be draining and sometimes you might feel like you need a glass or two of wine to de-stress at the end of the day. The problem is, these glasses will soon add up and start affecting your physical appearance and health. Plus, as per Sanford House, consistent drinking is one of the first signs of alcoholism – it shouldn’t become a crux for you. If you are finding that it is, then you may need to consider something like rehab in Michigan. Reach out for help if you need it. 

My advice is to cut down on how much you have, and you’ll find it a lot easier to get in shape. Alcohol can make you gain weight but also leave you tired and dehydrated. These are things you don’t want if getting in shape is your aim. Think of other ways to get rid of stress and make sure you only drink healthy things. Stuff like smoothies or fruit juices are perfect for women that want to get in shape. And, you can’t forget about water too, it’s important you’re always hydrated.

Good luck with getting in shape – it can be done!

Rebecca x

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