Getting Your Garden Prepped For Spring

Though it is still pretty chilly outside (and half of my garden is still not defrosting each day as it is in the shade), there is no time like the present to get your garden looking good for spring. I certainly need to get on it as it has been pretty neglected over the winter. We are starting to make a few changes this weekend as we had one of our trees collapse the night that we had that snow. I’m pretty sure the two are not connected, but ya never know!

So if your garden needs a bit of TLC, here are some things that you could start doing to it. Then when the warmer weather arrives you’ll be good to go.

Clean Up

If you’ve left your garden to fester a bit over winter, then just giving it a general tidy up can make a big difference. We have bits all over the garden that have just been left really (we’ve even got a pumpkin still sat out by the backdoor). So a general tidy up is a good place to start. We have a jet washer (which is oh so satisfying to use). I’d recommend getting, or hiring one. They just lift off all that winter gunk and dirt that gathers.

Garden Tools

Like with the rest of the garden, all of your garden tools get a bit neglected over winter. They can get rusty, dirty and covered in gunk if they have just been left out. So now is the time to get them cleaned. Warm soapy water is usually enough. But if there are tougher marks then using some wire wool is a good idea. For wooden handles, you can use some oil to add back some moisture. Any that you in the kitchen is a good idea; even just some olive oil.

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Make a Plan

Do you grow anything in your garden? If you follow this blog regularly then you’ll know for a couple of weeks in June / July we have an abundance of strawberries. They are all in a set ‘patch’ and we chopped them all ready for the next season once the last lot stopped growing. But at the moment, they are the only things that we grow in our garden. I’d love to grow some more things but need to make a plan of what we want to to grow and where to put them.

Quite often, things like vegetables need to start life out in a planter, to keep them away from weeds and whatever else. So if you haven’t got any planters, then now is the time to start looking into it. Some veggies need to start being planted in the next few weeks. Cox and Cox have some great planters to choose form if you’re in the market.

Weed and Turn Soil

As well as just a general tidy in the garden, it it time to do some weeding and get the soil ready. The ground might be a little hard because of the frost we have been having. But in the next couple of weeks it will soften up ready to go. If you’re OK with using weed killer then make sure that you have some ready to use once the weeds have been pulled. Because as soon as it gets warmer they will grow much, much more!

Do you have a garden that needs a little bit of TLC?


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