Getting Ready For Christmas Road Trips

Are you hitting the road this Christmas to see friends or family? Or perhaps you want to take your loved ones to experience the magic of Christmas in London? This time of year is a notoriously busy and hazardous time on the road, so having a well-maintained car is a priority for any driver. With rain, snow, ice and dark evenings it’s not surprising that it’s the most common time for drivers to require roadside assistance, so it’s worth giving your car a thorough check over before you make any long journeys to visit family this Christmas.

Brake Check

While driving on ice will make stopping incredibly difficult, having optimal braking power will give you the best chance in snow and other inclement weather. Winter can be hard on your brake pads or linings.  So if your brakes are making grinding or squealing noises, or you’re unsure about the state of them and need peace of mind, don’t risk your family’s safety, get your car’s brakes checked regularly at Iverson Tyres London Branch. It’s important both for your own safety and that of other drivers that your brakes are as effective as possible at this hazardous time of year.


It is important to regularly check your tyres to ensure a smooth and safe journey. Your tyre tread should be no less than 3mm to cope with the wet or icy conditions we usually see around christmas time. If possible, consider investing in winter tyres, which are specially designed to have increased grip in icy, wet and snowy roads


Lights, heaters and wipers put high demands on your car battery, so it is no surprise that they often run down more quickly during winter than in warmer months. Car batteries typically have a lifespan of around five years, so if yours is approaching this point you may wish to think about replacing it.


With shorter days during the winter months, you’ll want to make sure your lights are in good working order too.  Are the bulbs in your headlights working? Are the lenses clean? Make sure that mucky roads haven’t affected the lights, and that ice is cleared from them as well as other parts of the car. Not being able to light your way and make yourself visible to other road users could lead to serious problems.


As the weather becomes more severe and temperatures drop, there’s more muck and dirt on the roads during the winter so it’s important to make sure you can keep your windscreen clean. It goes without saying that being able to see where you’re going, particularly in hazardous conditions is essential. And remember to keep checking and topping up the level as you use the screenwash up.


Your antifreeze levels should be between the minimum and maximum levels and having a good quality anti-freeze is important. It’s relatively cheap to buy, but engine damage from being frozen can be very expensive to put right.

Don’t let the holidays make you forget the essentials; stay safe this Christmas.

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  • Much appreciated for the post in detail. We have to travel frequently for the official task, family tour and so on. This guide is very useful for us to take complete preparation before traveling by car. It is painful if we need to change a tire on the way if brake doesn’t work, life risky. If all we follow the tips you shared here, traveling will be enjoyable and risky free. Best wishes for all of the traveling.