Getting the Garden Summer Ready: Outdoor Rug from Ruggable

We don’t have a huge outdoor space, but in summer, we definitely make the most of it with water fights, picnics, football games, and just generally lazing and sunbathing. I hadn’t really thought about the aesthetics of the patio space, because it is pretty small, and at the moment, we just have some sun lounger chairs out there. 

One thing that I have seen a lot on social media and sites like Pinterest, are people styling their outdoor spaces and patios with outdoor rugs. I think they look great, as they can brighten up the space and add some style, and all it takes is a simple rug. I have been using one from Ruggable, so are they all that they’re cracked up to be?

Ruggable – washable rugs

If you have not heard of Ruggable before, then they are a company that makes sme stylish and simply beautiful rugs for the home, as well as outdoors. You can choose runner styles as I have, as well as square and larger rectangular rugs, depending on what space the rug is for. What makes a Ruggable rug different is that it is washable at home. This is because it comes in two parts; a bottom pad and then the patterned top layer. The top layer is what can be removed to be spot cleaned or even put in your washing machine at home (depending on the size of it, of course). 

For an outdoor rug, being able to wash your rug is a really important selling point. When it has the potential to get covered in things like ice cream, bird mess, and just mud from outside, then being able to clean it at home is really important. 

The base layer of the rug is also a great feature. It has a really non-slip base that makes contact with the floor; even the tiles outdoors on our patio. The other side of the bottom layer is grippy, with some velcro attachments in the corners, making it easy for the top layer of the rug to attach to. It works really well and doesn’t move in place, which was something that I was initially concerned about. But it doesn’t move and sits in place exactly where you put it.

Choosing an outdoor rug

There are so many patterns and styles to choose from on the Ruggable website. In fact, there are pages and pages to scroll through! There are some amazing styles to choose from, even rugs with subtle Star Wars designs, as well as Toy Story and designs from Jonathan Adler and Monica Ahanonu. The good news is that in winter, or perhaps during bad weather, it can be used as an indoor rug, so it  makes it pretty flexible. 

The rugs, whether indoors or outdoors, start from £119 and go up to £739 depending on the size that you choose. Now this definitely isn’t cheap, but rugs are things that can last and last. I have been so pleased with my Ruggable rug, the quality really is great. I can see it lasting for a long time, especially when you can easily care for it and clean it at home.

Why choose a Ruggable rug?

I think the main selling point for me is that it is easy to care for, right in your home, and no need for a dry cleaner or anything like that. For anyone with children or pets, this is a really big selling point. Other reasons to get a Ruggable rug would be because of just how great the style of them is, and the ast range to choose from. There definitely will be something for everyone and for every style room in the house.

Have you heard of Ruggable before? It would be great to hear what you think.

*This was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

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