Getting the Perfect Décor for Your Kids’ Room

When getting the décor right for your little one’s bedroom, the list of requirements can be quite lengthy. Is it going to help them sleep, or will it make bedtime even more of a challenge? Are they going to change their mind within the next few months? Bigger furnishings definitely need to be able to stand the test of time. It can be a tall order getting it right, but a good step in the right direction is to invest in a set of high-quality shutters.

Light control

One of the best things about shutters is just how good they are at controlling your light levels. As they are custom-fit and made to measure, the frame is snug to your windows, making the most of the entire pane. This is great for any kids’ room, making it easy to get the right balance of light. It’s simple to close the shutters and keep the room completely dark – so no more are the complaints of it still being daytime during the lighter months. However, a quick adjustment of the angling of the slats can bring in a little extra light for those who tend to get a bit worried in the dark.


Children tend to be a little fickle when it comes to what they like and don’t like, and any parents’ worst nightmare is investing in something only for their little one to turn around and hate it two weeks later. Shutters are a great, long-lasting investment that can see them through until they leave the nest. Choosing a classic and neutral white shade is the safest option, as this will work well with any style of décor, no matter the phase or the style changes you’ll inevitably encounter over the years.

The Shutter Co uses only the highest-quality timber hardwood to build its plantation shutters, so longevity is guaranteed. There are no worries of damage over time, or any concerns of needing to replace them – once you’ve got your shutters installed, you’re set for years to come.


Although blinds and curtains may typically be your first choice when it comes to window dressings, around younger children, these can actually come with a few safety problems. Blinds tend to use dangling cords, which when leaving children unattended have the potential to cause really bad accidents. However, you want to be able to leave your children up in their room, so choosing a safer alternative such as shutters is a no-brainer. 

Wooden shutters in comparison use tilt rod mechanisms that are built in. No extra parts are left hanging around, keeping plantation shutters tidy in appearance and accident-free. This means that children can get themselves up and open the shutters in the morning independently, leaving parents worry-free.


All types of shutters offer great ways of providing privacy. Both tier-on-tier and full-height shutters cover the whole of the window so that when they are closed, the room is kept completely private. However, as you can adjust the slats, you can angle them so that light still comes into the room while keeping the privacy benefits.

Looking at all these key benefits, you can see why shutters are a worthwhile investment for any kids’ room. They have long-lasting style and offer complete control over your light and privacy while remaining safe for younger children, which puts shutters at the top of any parents list of furnishing ideas!

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