Getting Your House Ready for Winter

Is your home ready for winter? I thought mine was too a week ago. Then I started thinking about all the things I still had to do. The good news is that the winter weather hasn’t really hit yet – it feels like it has been so mild lately. But you can feel it coming so it’s best to be prepared. Take my advice and start getting your home ready for the coldest months of the year right now.

Maintenance Checks

Before winter comes along I tend to do a few maintenance checks on my home. I think it’s because I’m used to the landlord popping around just before Christmas when I was renting. I used to think they were doing this to make sure I wasn’t wrecking the place. But apparently, it’s more to do with making sure the property is in good stead for the cold season. You should do the same with your home.

Start by organising an inspection of your boiler. That way you can make sure it’s in tip top condition, ready to heat your home. If it does need a repair it’s best to catch it early to save on costs.

You should also look for any cracks or crevices along the walls of your home. This is just a way that cold air can seep in and warm air can seep out. If you want your house to be comfortable this season, you need to fill in these gaps. Your average moulding gun will do the job quite nicely. Once it’s dry you can then paint over it.

Christmas Decorations

I love putting the decorations up over winter, but last year I noticed the bills were a fortune over the Christmas period. Most of this was to do with electricity usage. I grant you it probably had something to do with how many gizmos and gadgets we got for Christmas. But I’m sure lighting up our home like a shopping mall played a part. I’m in no way suggesting you don’t light up your house this Christmas. I certainly intend to light up mine. But I’m going to use LED bulbs and lights. These save a lot more energy and are far more efficient. You’ll be doing your part in helping the environment over the festive season if you use these.

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Better Home Heating

There are two tips I can recommend to make sure your home is nicely heated this month. The first is to think about purchasing a baseboard heating device. These aren’t just for keeping your toes warm out of slippers. They help the air circulate around the room. That way, there won’t be a corner that is freezing while the rest is cosy.

Speaking of controlling the temperature, I also suggest you get a programmable thermostat. These gadgets are awesome because they’ll keep your home the exact temperature you want. Not too hot, not too cold, just right.

Don’t Forget

You should also be looking at your roof before winter. Make sure that there aren’t any week spots or holes. After all, you don’t want Santa falling through it do you? As well as that, a weak roof is going to cause you havoc if you face a bad spot of weather. It’s best to get a roofer to check it out thoroughly.

I hope you have found this advice helpful getting your home ready for the festive season. Check back soon for more home care tips.

Rebecca x

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