Gift Guide: Alternative Easter Eggs and Easter Gifts

This year so far has been flying by, which is quite bizarre to say, since we have just been at home for weeks on end! But now we’re mid-march, it is time to get thinking about Easter. Easter is quite early this year, with Good Friday on 2nd April, Easter Sunday on 4th April, and Easter Monday 5th April. It will come around really quickly, and if you’re planning to buying online, getting things ordered sooner rather than later is always a good idea.

Something edible around Easter is always good, but not everyone in your family will be looking for something sweet or egg-shaped. So if you’re looking for some alternative ideas for an Easter gift, as well as something different to eat other than an Easter egg, then here are some things that the family have been trying out lately. It would be great to hear what you think!

Applewood Vegan Cheese for Your Easter Snacks*

Applewood have a great range of vegan cheese, if you are looking something to have as a part of a buffet or for some tasty sandwiches over the Easter weekend. Even if you’re not vegan, they are tasty cheeses, and some of the best vegan cheese I’ve had. I personally find that they are best when melted, making a tasty toastie.

You can find Applewood vegan cheese in most major supermarkets, and priced from £2, are something that is really affordable for the Easter table.

Ilchester Easter Cheese for Easter Weekend Munchies

Still on the same lines of cheese, but a non-vegan option this time. Ilchester have a great range of cheese but they have an interesting take on it this year – what do you think to the whole cheese and chocolate debate? If you’re in the ‘love it’ camp, then these Easter-themed cheeses could work wonderfully on your table over the Easter weekend (available from 18th March).

Honeybuns Gluten-Free Cakes for a Tasty Gift*

If you are looking for a sweet treat for yourself or to send to someone else, then I think Honeybuns is a great choice. They have a range of gluten-free cakes, that are either vegan or vegetarian, which come in a lovely Honeybuns cake tin, as well as being able to add in the cake / bar flavours that you want and if you want anything additional such as a bar of vegan chocolate. Honeybuns have teamed up with artisan makers in Dorset, where the business is based, to create these gift sets, like the one shown here that my family and I have been trying out. The Solkiki chocolate included with the Honeybuns cakes is the first vegan white chocolates I have ever had, and with raspberry, it is really delicious, creamy, and tangy, all at the same time.

The selection is great, and each one we have tried was truly delicious. The millionaire’s slice or the raspberry oaty bar were my favourites, but honestly, they were all great. For an Easter gift or not, Honeybuns needs to be on your list for fabulous gifts (and yummy cakes)! If you are looking for a small business that is also doing good, then it is important to note just how passionate they are about the environment. They have started a BeeGreen initiative, and by October 2021, half of their electricity will be from their own solar panels.

Last orders for Easter need to be in by 29th March, and there is free delivery over £30.

Village Wax Melts to Treat Yourself*

If you are looking for something that is non-edible as a gift this Easter, then why not choose one of the large, heart shaped wax melts from Village Wax Melts, that weigh 12g each? They are all stamped with the logo, helping your gift recipient know exactly where they are from.

The wax melts, in sets of three, come in a 100% recyclable packaging. The melts themselves are also made of some of the best ingredients to ensure a high quality burn, as well as helping them to have a strong scent that will last and last. They are priced from £2.95 each.

Village melts also have a range of lovely self-care and pampering products, such as exfoliating soaps and bath bombs. They all smell great and are made from quality ingredients.

Ombar Mailbox Vegan Chocolate for Those You Won’t Be Able To See*

Ombar chocolate is a great option if you are looking to send a gift to someone who you won’t be able to see this Easter. Restrictions on gatherings will still be in place in the UK, so sending some choccy love by post is the next option. You can get 8 of their 35g bars of vegan, organic, creamy chocolate posted out in a letterbox sized box, so that it can be delivered right to their doormat. Including a handwritten gift note, it could be just the thing to send to your far-away loved one this Easter, and eliminates the risk of any Easter eggs getting smashed in the process too! The chocolate comes in a range of tasty flavours, and is one of the creamiest vegan chocolates that I have ever tried.

At £15.92 for the eight bars, you can pick which ones you send, and it includes free postage too – bargain!

Organic Coconut Macaroons from Nourish for Something Fruity

I have been a fan of Nourish for a while now, as their unique take on coconut macaroons is so tasty, and with the delicious range of flavours, there is something for everyone. Being created in a kind-of egg shape, I thought they could be a good addition this Easter, especially if you are looking for something a little different (and looking for something a little fruiter, compared to chocolates). Raspberry, strawberry, and passion fruit are my favourite flavours, but they are all tasty (some are vegan but some are vegetarian as they contain raw honey). Some coconut macaroons can be a little dry, and with desiccated coconut that isn’t nice. But these are moist and full of flavour.

All of the packaging is recyclable and some is home compostable. A single pack of macaroons £4.89 but there are bundles and gift sets available, with free postage when you spend over £20.

Vegan Bath Bomb Set from EarthBits for a Non-Edible Gift Set*

EarthBits is a plastic-free online store that was created with a desire to reduce waste, reduce pollution, and reduce plastic, with the creators living a low waste lifestyle themselves. The online store is based in West Yorkshire and there is an amazing range to choose from. You can choose items for the home, such as kitchen and bathroom, to self-care products, makeup, and things for babies. Having such a great range of sustainable and plastic-free products is really great, and can be ordered at the click of a button this Easter.

If you are wanting to reduce the amount of plastic that you have in the home, then an Easter gift from EarthBits could be just what you need. The bath bombs that I have smell amazing, and leave my skin feeling great too. Combined with packaging that is plastic-free and completely recyclable, it is an online store to remember. The bath bomb sets cost £11.95, and I like that they almost look egg-like in the cardboard packaging.

EarthBits deliver worldwide, and you can get free UK shipping when you spend £35 or more.

ChocFACE Personalised Photo Chocolates for a Fun an Thoughtful Gift*

I am a sucker for anything personalised, but for the kids, being able to see their face on some chocolates is just a super fun gift! ChocFACE was created as a result of the pandemic, with the idea of being able to send someone a treat through the post (in a box fitting through the letterbox), but as it has photos, you get to see their face too! It is a really lovely idea, something quite novel, and something that could work for any occasion, not just for Easter when you can’t be with your loved ones.

The website to order from is really simple, where you can upload the photos that you want to have on the chocolates. You can have six images in total, with one large, and five smaller images, as you can see. The process was quick ad easy, and to say it is a personalised item, delivery was quick too. You can also personalise the note on the box, so you don’t have to get a separate card. The chocolates themselves are really tasty Belgian chocolates, and the images are clear and printed well. It is a nice quality gift, and I am impressed at the novelty value of it – who wouldn’t smile when they saw this land on their door mat?

Each ChocFACE box is £14.95, plus delivery, and is delivered via first class via Royal Mail.

Flat Easter Eggs from Frankly Delicious for Mailing Easter Eggs to Loved Ones*

If you are looking for something really unique and novel, but perfect for Easter, then how about a flat Easter egg? Whether this is just for yourself, preferring to eat a thicker bar of chocolate than an Easter egg, or you want to send a gift to someone who you won’t be seeing this Easter, then Frankly Delicious have got you covered. There is no risk of a spherical egg getting damaged in transit, especially with the sturdy gift box and compostable packaging that the flat eggs come in.

Each and every bespoke bar of chocolate from Frankly Delicious is handcrafted in the UK, using ethically-sourced ingredients and wrapped in sustainable materials. The range of flavours are great, with vegan options (including an oat milk option which I have not heard of before), as well as blackcurrant dark chocolate and coconut milk chocolate. Bars are £5.95, the flat eggs are £9.95 or a trio of them is £24.95. The flat eggs are really creamy and delicious, so I am definitely hoping to find more flat eggs under the Easter tree this year (is that a thing)?!

Adorable Egg Cosy from Weaving Hope for a Child’s Easter Basket*

If you are looking for a little gift for a child’s Easter basket this year, or you just love adorable and unique items for your kitchen, then how about a sweet egg cosy from Weaving Hope? They are quirky in design and are handmade by women artisans in Sri Lanka. Weaving Hope is a one-stop shop for fair trade toys and gifts for children, so their site is definitely worth a look.

The egg cosies, that come in two different designs, are £5 each and come with free delivery as standard.

Tony’s Chocolonely Mini Eggs for Those Wanting to Try a Little Bit of Everything

Tony’s Chocolonely is quickly becoming a firm favourite in our house, not only because of their taste and flavours, but for the brand’s ethics as well. This is the first Easter I have known about the brand, so I just had to share these adorable egg-stra special chocolate eggs. They come in the different flavours from the Tony’s range, and with their own little egg box, it is very cute, ideal for a little gift this Easter.

Tony;s mini eggs cost £4.49 and can be bought online or in Sainsburys.

Have you been thinking about Easter yet? it would be great to hear what you think!

*contains somegifted items, however all opinions are my own.

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