Christmas Gift Ideas For Active Kids

I know for some people it is still too early to be talking about Christmas. But I am someone who is normally much more organised than this. Normally I have bought everything that we need to by now! We aren’t too far behind this year, but still a few bits to get. I also have Max’s 5th birthday party at the beginning of December that is occupying my mind somewhat. Anyhow, as he is turning five, he really needs to learn to ride a bike. So we are going to be getting him one for Christmas. As I was looking for the perfect one, it just got me thinking about other gift ideas for him.

He is very active and likes to be out and about. He has swimming and tennis lessons so I wondered if there is anything else we can get for him to nurture his love of sport and being active? Both Mr U and I were pretty successful at sport when we were younger, so I’d like my kids to get into it, if they enjoy it. So here are just a couple of gift ideas that would be great for active kids. Unfortunately, it seems like sporty gifts can be on the expensive side. But price per use doesn’t make it that bad at all.


1.Adjust N Jam Basketball Net – £49.99

I know when my kids are older this will be great fun to play with. Heck, as it is adjustable it will probably work well now. Getting them jumping in the air and running around outside can only be a good thing.

2.BMX Balance Bike – £60

I think balance bikes are brilliant for little ones. My nephew had one from quite a young age and he learnt to fly by super fast in it. It made the transition for him, from balance bike to regular bike much easier. As half the challenge is staying balanced. Hopefully Max can do the same.

3.8ft Trampoline and Enclosure – £89.99

We had a big trampoline int eh garden when I was a teenager (I remember going to choose it from Costco on my 13th birthday). So the kids enjoy using them when we visit grandparents. Having one of our own would be good for them to develop more confidence with it, as well as things like coordination.

4.Proline Skates – £69.95

I also had roller skates when I was younger. I remember skating up and down my street with my sister (though I was jealous of her bright yellow ones). I think they are great for older kids and can help them with all sorts of things like balance and coordination. I like that these ones are made from vegan leather, so suitable for everyone.

5.Babolat Tennis Bag – £20

Max has a small tennis racket that he uses for lessons. Having a proper bag for it would be good. Then, like his swimming bag, we can keep all of this things in one place, ready to grab.

You can also see if you are on the naughty or nice list this Christmas, with this fun quiz from Red Letter Days. It is just a bit of fun – apparently I’m on the nice list and could be getting a cuddly toy in my stocking!

Have you made a start with your Christmas bits?


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