3 Unique Gift Ideas For Your Family and Friends Around the World

We live in such a time where travel is easy. It can be relatively low cost to just hop on a flight and be somewhere else entirely, in only a couple of hours. Communication is much easier too. With the likes of FaceTime, Skype and social media, staying in touch with family and friends is much, much easier than it ever has been. When you can just call someone abroad for free on your phone, and see their face there and then, it makes things much better.


Which is why it is no surprise that families are much more spread out that they ever have been. You can move around easily for work and promotions. More and more people meet others that aren’t from where they currently live. So it means moving around, and even abroad for relationships too. It just goes to show; I grew up in North Yorkshire and currently live down in Surrey. I have a brother living in London, a sister in Bristol, one sister in the USA and one sister in Japan!

So all of us have moved around, and quite far from family and friends in our home town. We are also fairly far from each other. Christmas and birthdays can always be an interesting time, as we need to plan ahead and get things sent out. I do think it is important to keep sending out gifts to them though and not just sending out a text or something. So if you have any family and friends that are far away, here are some ideas for easily ways to send them gifts.



I think this is a timeless kind of gift that works for nearly everyone. Most people like to receive an unexpected bunch to their door. You can order flowers online now which I think is super handy. I have used this many a time for birthdays and Mother’s Day. So even if someone is in a different country to you, they can have flowers delivered to them, from you. If you have a family member in Australia, somewhere like FFE deliver flowers in Melbourne, for example. So just do a little research and find a site for their country. It is a good idea to check reviews before you buy, though. You want to know that the flowers will actually turn up!


Again; this is a fairly safe bet to go with. But you can’t go too far wrong with new books. So just think of your recipient and something that they might like. It could be the latest in a series that they love, a cookbook, a biography, or a health book. If you can’t find he book online to order direct to them, books can be relatively inexpensive to send by post too. You could even send them something like an Amazon voucher to get Kindle versions,  if you know that they have a kindle. You could even order them a magazine subscription. Then each month for a year, they will get something through the post.


USB Stick

If you rarely see your family or friends, then a USB doubles up as a gift in two ways. You can load things onto there that you know they will love. It could be books, family movies or photographs. So they get to keep this things for themselves. They also get to keep the USB to use for their own things. It is a nice thoughtful gift, I think, and it would be perfect for sending to grandparents, filled with pictures and videos from the grandchildren.

Have you got family and friends far and wide? Any tips or experiences to share when it comes to giving gifts with those aboard?


*collaborative post

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