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We all know how much of a pain it can be trying to buy gifts for mum and dad. I’m normally pretty good when it comes to buying gifts. But buying for my parents is a total nightmare. Both of them are so difficult to buy for and I often find myself short of ideas and inspiration. Recently I have found that there are plenty of gift ideas for parents; it’s just a case of hunting for them.

But, I understand that you may not have the time or inclination to do this. So, as such, I have compiled a list for you here. These are some of my awesome suggestions for gifts you might want to get for your parents. Of course, it may well depend on whether it’s Father’s Day or a birthday, and different gifts will be appropriate for different occasions. Take a look at these, and decide which would best suit your circumstances.


A Day Out

If your parents are anything like mine they will no doubt, enjoy being active. And this is why one of the best gifts I would recommend would be a day out. It allows them to get out of the house in a leisurely capacity. They can relax and unwind, and have fun doing something they enjoy. Now, a day out doesn’t have to be an activity day. It could be any manner of things. But the basic goal is the same. You’re trying to get your mum and dad out of the house and keep them occupied. My parents love days out, so I like to treat them when I can.

Christmas Hamper

At Christmas time it can often be hard trying to narrow down the sorts of gifts your parents would like. Buying for everyone else is a doddle by comparison. So, rather than agonise over which perfume or toolkit to buy, why not get them a Christmas hamper? Hamper baskets are excellent gifts for anyone, and they are the perfect gifts for your parents. Whenever I buy a hamper as a gift, I always make sure I customise it so I can choose exactly what is in there. This is a brilliant gift, and one your parents are going to love!


My mum and dad are the sorts of people who tend to prefer experiences over things. And it could be that it runs in the family because I’m a little like that as well. So these days when I try to think of gifts for them I have to try to consider this. As such, I have found a great gift idea is often taking my parents out for a meal. I like to try to find a swanky restaurant. Then we get dressed up in our glad rags and we go and enjoy a lovely meal together as a family. It’s a really great time for all of us, and something I would highly recommend to anyone.


Okay, now you might want to combine some of these ideas if you feel you need to. So, for instance, going to the theatre is always something that goes down well. There’s just something so classy and elegant about seeing a live show. It’s the excuse to dress up and enjoy a brilliant stage show. You might even think about combining the theatre with dinner before or after the show as well.


I don’t know about you, but both of my parents are dab-hands around the house. They love to do DIY, and they’re very good at it. Now, I used to associate tools as being something only my dad would live. But these days mum seems to be forever using them as well. So, I thought a great gift idea would be to buy them a tool set or toolkit. They are always doing work so I know they will always need and use tools. I might even save up and fork out on a specialist tool like a power drill for them!

Tech Stuff!

Whether or not you consider tech stuff might depend on how tech-savvy your mum and dad are. My parents are kind of in the middle. They both have smartphones, but I wouldn’t class them as tech savvy. However, the fact of the matter is that these days there are so many things based around technology. Gadgets are so useful that I know that my folks would find some use for them. For instance, I could consider getting them an iPad or tablet. Everything is digital these days, so it helps to be connected. This is my way of ensuring they stay current and can keep up with everything they need to!

Bits for the Car

Both my parents are total car lovers. And that’s why I decided that I think bits for the car are always good as gifts. Think about your folks as drivers. Consider whether they use their car a lot, and how they use it. There are a lot of gadgets and accessories for cars. Decide on the sorts of things you might want to get for your mum and dad. Will they use them? Are they simple and easy to understand? These are important considerations to make when you’re considering buying anything, especially car stuff.

Beautiful Dinner Set

As my parents are now retired, they like to do things to fill their time, and this includes hanging out with friends. Now, I know for a fact that they often have people over for dinner. And your parents could well be the same. So, how about buying them a beautiful dinner set as a present? This is something they will value and get a lot of use out of. My mum and dad have a nice set that they use when company comes over. But I know this is an old set and it could do with replacing.

So, there we are guys, these are just some of the great ideas I’ve had for parental gifts! We all know it’s a pain buying things for our parents because they’re a different generation. But, hopefully, you can use these ideas to help you make decisions next time you need to buy for them.

Rebecca x

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