Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

As any other half many know, buying gifts for the guys in their life isn’t an easy task. I find that men are notoriously hard to buy for, which is surprising because they seem like such simple creatures (too harsh)?! 😉

Ideally, you know what they like and what they don’t like, so you have a go to present you can always use. Or, hopefully, you can find a generic gift that suits anyone at any time of the year. But, if the search for the Holy Grail of presents is fruitless, you can always turn to these alternatives.

Tickets To a Sport Events

If your man loves sport, then what about a great afternoon at the football or rugby? Ticket prices are so expensive so it might not be something that they usually do very often, plus there are probably other things that they need to get up to on a Saturday afternoon. Better still, your fella doesn’t have to be a keen football fan. If his friends go, it is a brilliant place for them to socialise and have a few beers!

Shaving Apparatus

The growing trend for men is to have a beard. Even the men who cannot grow a beard are trying to grow beards! Boys will be boys! Still, regardless of your opinion on the matter, it gives you an excuse to find the perfect present and buy him some shaving essentials. Beard trimmers are the best choice because he can maintain his beard without much fuss or effort.



Men often get boxers and socks for Christmas for a reason! As long as you know what he likes you can buy him a piece of clothing that he needs and that will sharpen up his dress sense. I think a lot of guys aren’t too keen on shopping, or spending a lot of time doing it, so I’m sure he will be very grateful that you went to all the hassle so he didn’t have to.

A Tablet / iPad

To be honest, most gadgets will do the tricks because who doesn’t love a new toy? An iPad is at the top of the list because it is the best mobile device going around. It is a good size to carry, it has good memory capacity, and it has great features and functions effectively. Plus, he could also get use out of it at work, which might make life easier for him with the boss. How could he hate a gift like that? The same could be said for a new mobile phone, too, if his is on the blink.

Time To Himself

If none of the above seem to apply, then you can always give him some alone time. Men love getting away from the hustle and bustle of life for a while so they can do what they want. A free pass to have the afternoon drinking with the boys or to sit and do nothing is probably the best gift you can get him – definitely what my husband would prefer!

One thing that will help you choose is to rack your brain for ideas. Any ideas that pop into your head when you think of your partner are usually good ones.

Good luck!

Rebecca x

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