Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

Is your husband’s birthday coming up but you have no idea what to buy? It’s a common problem faced by a lot of wives. You feel like it was only last week you were fretting about finding them the right Christmas present and then, all of a sudden, it’s their birthday. Here are a few great ideas to help you out!

Sports Gadgets

If your man loves gadgets, and loves sports, what could be better than a gift that combines the two? If they’re into running, get them an electronic fitness monitor that times them, keeps track of their heart rate and tells them how many calories they’ve burned.

One of the best sports gadgets I found was a laser golf putter. It beams a little laser onto the grass to make it easier for him to see where the ball is going. These kinds of gifts are unusual and a little different, so give them a try.

Phone Accessories

Small accessories are great gift ideas because they are often the most useful. Sometimes the bigger, more expensive gifts get thrown by the wayside while the smaller gifts get used every day.

You could get personalised wooden gifts that hold your husband’s phone, car keys and everything else he needs before leaving the house in the morning. Or maybe a nice new cover for their phone! There are all sorts of phone accessories out there.


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A Driving Experience

Some gifts can be looked at, enjoyed for a while and then thrown in a drawer and forgotten about. If that’s the kind of eventuality you want to avoid this year, why not pay for them to have a car driving experience?

You can buy all kinds of different experience, but what car crazy man wouldn’t love the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a racing car and speed around the track? One thing’s for sure; it’s not something they’ll forget in a hurry.

A New Tablet

As we’ve already established, men love playing around with gadgets. And, right now, there is no better gadget than the tablet device. If they don’t have one already, consider it, they’re great fun and have lots of uses, both for home and work.

You can get them pretty cheaply now, and it’s certain to keep them busy for a couple of months at least while they get to grips with it.

Buying gifts for men is often a lot more difficult than buying for women. But if you put your mind to it and get a little creative, there’s no reason why you can’t come up with something great!

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  • Great list! Sometimes, void of an idea, this is EXACTLY the kind of list you want to have printed out and hidden in your bag 🙂
    …And it’s not just ‘the’ man in your life… Your dad, your brother, your brother-in-law… This conundrum happens multiple times a year 😉


  • Ooh this is handy – it’s Mike’s birthday just after (or before!) Father’s day, which makes my life difficult for a wee while trying to dream up new ideas!! Thanks for linking up to #TheList xxx