Chocolate Advent Calendars and Other Gift Ideas For Little Ones

Before I was a parent I had no idea about what younger children would be interested in. I was never a super maternal kind of person growing up that just loved kids and babysitting. I remember when I became an auntie (a couple of years before becoming a mum myself), I was asking my sister about my niece’s first Christmas. She had just turned one and I was like, I bet she is so excited about it all. Yeah, I quickly learned that 12 month olds don’t really know a whole lot about what you are telling them and definitely not about being excited for Christmas!

So with that in mind, if you’re not too sure what to be buying for younger relatives in the run up to Christmas, then this is the post for you. Of course, you could start the month off early with getting some chocolate advent calendars or perhaps ones like the Lego or Playmobil sets. But if you want to get them just something for the big day ahead, then here are a few ideas to get you started. Have you done any of your shopping yet?

one // Woody Talking Action Figure – £25

This could work really well for any Toy Story fans, or for children over 12 months as it has a cause and effect action with the rope pull that makes it make a noise

two // Disco Ball Cup – £8.50

anything to help little ones to drink some more water, right? Love the sparkle and shine on this one (also available in silver)

three // Disney Figurines Set – £30

for little boys and girls that love Disney. The figurines aren’t tiny, but not huge either, so would probably suit children from aged three and over

four // Stacking Utensils – £12

If you need something to help your toddle eat a little more, then these can be a little bit of fun at the table. Usually metal utensils are better when children have teeth that are grown in, so from toddler age and onwards

five // Lego Storage Brick – £18.99

Is there anything worse than wandering around in the dark and standing on some Lego?Ouch! This storage brick gives you somewhere to store it all, as well as looking good. Getting more than one is stackable too, so you can add more and more as Lego collections grow.

six // Mickey Mouse Bauble – £9.99

I think that this is a great choice for a baby’s first Christmas and they can use it year after year

seven // Toothbrush Holder – £8

How cute is this little holder? Jazzing up your bathroom quite nicely and hopefully encourage little ones to want to brush their teeth

eight // Green Dino Lamp – £29.99

this lamp is so cute and will work well on a bed side table to light up the room. I like that it can work well to add a pop of colour in the room too

nine // Unicorn Mini LED Lamp – £10.99

just like the dino lamp, I think this looks so cute and would light up any room, quite literally. It changes colour too and is a really nice size

Have you got any other ideas for little ones this Christmas? Have you made a start to your shopping yet? It would be great to hear what you think.

*collaborative post

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